Ethiopia’s Electricity Export to Kenya Lays Crucial Foundation for Regional Integration: EEP


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 24 /2022  Ethiopia's electricity supply to Kenya on a trial basis will lay a crucial foundation for regional economic integration, according to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

Ethiopia has started the supply of electricity to neighboring Kenya on trial bases, Ethiopian Electric Power said.

Journalists visited the Ethio-Kenya 500KV transmission line and converter station.

EEP Electric Power Transmission Lines and Distribution Stations Construction Sector Executive Officer, Kibrom Kahsay said Ethiopia has started electricity sale to Kenya based on the agreement that was signed.  

The countries agreed for Ethiopia to supply 200 MW of electric power for the next three years and that amount will double to 400 MW after three years.

Kibrom mentioned that it is currently being done on a trial basis and after a month normal power transmission will commence.

The line has the capacity to transmit 2,000 MW of electricity with capability to generate over 1 billion USD per annum, he stated.  

The project, possibly the first in East Africa, will be a significant foundation to facilitate economic ties with other African countries, including South Africa, Tanzania beyond Kenya, the Executive Officer noted.

Ethio-Kenya Project Site Manager, Tedros Ayalew on his part said the project is the first of its kind and a mega project where modern technology is used.  

Tedros also stated that the project is a great lesson for future development projects.

The Ethio-Kenya power transmission line has a total length of 1, 046 KM and has 994 high power bearing poles.

Ethiopia is working to supply electric power to its neighbors. The nation has already been exporting electric power to Sudan and Djibouti.

It has also agreed with South Soudan to export electric power to the country over the next three years.

Ethiopia has planned to Export 100 MW Electric Power to south sudan with in the first phase and to increase to 400 MW gradually.

Ethiopia’s electric export trade has been contributing to enhance the nation’s economic relations with neighboring countries in addition to the foreign currency earnings.

Ethiopian News Agency