Ethiopian Airlines Sets to Nearly Double Destination, Number of Aircraft by 2035

Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 23, 2022 Ethiopian Airlines has aimed to increase its destination to 207 and the number of aircraft to 271 by Vision 2035, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mesfin Tassew said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mesfin said the strategic plan is aimed at maintaining and excelling its undisputed growth in the industry.

“In vision 2035, we have aimed to nearly double the number of destinations that we will be flying by increasing the number of destinations from 131 today to 207; and to cover this expansion, we have planned again to double the number of aircraft in our flight from 140 to 271. We have planned to carry 65 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo. We aim to generate 25 billion USD revenue by 2035,” the CEO elaborated.

Ethiopian Airlines had achieved its vision 2025 well ahead of time, the CEO recalled, adding that the new strategic plan is to sustain the fast and profitable growth.

Ethiopian is a Pan-African airline because it was connecting Africans before the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), he stated, and underscored “we take it as a mission to bring Africans together for the development of the continent.”

According to him, Ethiopian has recently taken the lead to develop the African air transport industry by providing technical assistance to countries establish their own airlines.

“A good example is A sky Airlines, which has a hub in Lome, Togo, that was set up before 12 years to serve the West African countries. This airline today covers 25 destinations within West Africa providing very reliable air transport service and becoming profitable for its shareholders. Ethiopian airline has a share in the order of 27 percent and at the same time it is managing the airline,” Mesfin stated.

Ethiopian airline has set up a joint venture partnership with Malawi Government owning 49 percent and managing the airline which is doing well, he added.

According to the CEO, Ethiopian Airline has recently signed agreement with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to set up a joint venture and has finalized preparations and is awaiting the go ahead from DRC.

“Recently, we have agreed with the Nigerian Government to set up their national carrier, Nigeria Air, and we are under final phase of negotiation on the agreements. We will continue forming such partnership throughput Africa to stimulate the development of indigenous African airlines within Africa. This will also help Ethiopian Airlines to reach Africans,” Mesfin emphasized.

He stressed that Ethiopian will continue establishing partnership to provide seamless connectivity for Africans.

Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing Airline in Africa, has become one of Africa’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s best airline and winner of multiple global awards, operates the Youngest Fleet in Africa.

Ethiopian News Agency