Peace in Ethiopia Crucial to Move Forward, Realize Regional Integration: South Sudan Ambassador


Addis Ababa November 17/2022/ENA/ Peace in Ethiopia is crucial to move forward and realize the process of regional integration, South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia James Pitia Morgan said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, South Sudan Ambassador James Morgan noted that South Sudan is pleased to welcome the recent peace deal reached between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF.

It is to be recalled that the government and the TPLF have agreed to bring normalcy based on respect and upholding of the country’s constitution, territorial integrity, and sovereignty.

The agreement was signed in Pretoria, South Africa under auspices of the African union with principle of African solutions to African problems.

The ambassador noted that South Sudan expressed its concern right after the beginning of the crisis in November 2020, stressing the peace agreement has far reaching implications beyond Ethiopia.

“We are talking about peace, this is very important for all of us. It is not only for Ethiopia, TPLF and not for anybody else, but it is a very good thing for the nation of Ethiopia as a whole and the neighboring countries, Africa and international community as a whole,” he said.

He explained that all of the neighboring countries of Ethiopia and African continent as whole—there is nobody who was not really calling for peace because Ethiopia is a model.

“When Ethiopia is not peaceful, the entire region is affected; we don’t feel comfortable about it. Ethiopia has a very bigger role to play in this region. The role of Ethiopia in this region is more important than the internal crisis that took place over the past two years, because the region could not move forward in its regional integration process which supposed to be spearheaded by Ethiopia,” he added.

 The peace talk was mediated by former president of Nigeria and that alone tells us it was an African solutions to African problems, the ambassador noted.

This is what we have been saying all the time that African problems can find solutions within the context of the African, he said, lauding:  "I think that is very important that the African Union is able to spearhead this peace talks and brought into conclusion."

The ambassador commended and welcomed some of Ethiopia's friends beyond Africa who helped the peace talks to bear fruit.

“We want peace in Ethiopia so that we move forward. With the issue of regional integration, the continent was also concerned with the crisis in Ethiopia because we have agenda 2063 ahead of us and this agenda cannot be achieved unless this continent itself is peaceful. That is why the African Union, the region, our region in IGAD, the continent as whole and the international community in general, everybody, were concerned," the ambassador pointed out.

He stressed that following this development, the ambassador expressed hope that a lot of support would come from friendly countries and the international community to support the people and government of Ethiopia in restoring basic services to people who are affected by the conflict.

Ethiopian News Agency