Peace Deal Demonstrates Ethiopians Can Sit Together, Resolve their Issues Peacefully: HPR Members


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 16/2022 The recent peace deal reached between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF demonstrates that Ethiopians can sit down and resolve their problems peacefully, Members of House of Peoples Representatives said.

During the 4th regular session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) yesterday, members of the House have also expressed their appreciation to the bold step taken by the government to seek a peaceful way out of the crisis in northern Ethiopia.

Chairperson of Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee, Dima Negewo told ENA that he thinks this internal development in Ethiopia is an important milestone.

“... Ethiopians can sit together and resolve their issues. This peace agreement has demonstrated that despite the range of difficulties, despite the wide gap between the two, Ethiopians can sit down and resolve their problems through peaceful means. I think this is a very important development for the future of our country,” he stressed.

The chairperson also noted that it is probably one of the first governments in modern Ethiopian history to have made peace, peace agreement with its opponents, especially armed opponents.

“When we look at the historical perspective, I think the current government took a very bold step. The previous governments have always pursued a military solution to political conflicts in Ethiopia.”

The current government must be commended for the bold step taken to seek a peaceful way out of the crisis in northern Ethiopia, Dima added.

According to him, the peace deal opens wide opportunities for resolving the various problems in Ethiopia.

“And at the same time, it opens the country for peace, stability, and economic progress and peaceful relations with all its neighbors and in the long run, to be able to peacefully integrate the countries of the Horn of Africa,” he elaborated.

The chairperson further underscored that there is nothing that Africans cannot solve amongst themselves.

This was done in Africa and by African mediators, by African elder statesmen and the principle that African problems must be resolved by Africans, Dima observed.

Despite a lot of pressures from various elements of the international community, especially the western countries, he noted that this peace agreement was made under the auspices of the African Union.

Another Member of the House of People's Representatives, Zakariya Irkolla, said peace is the foundation of everything and everyone benefits from peace.

And the agreement reached now is the same as the government's position in seeking peace under the pan Africanism concept and leadership.

It is of great significance for Africans to come to an agreement, as we are the ones affected by the war, Zakariya said, adding that all are the beneficiaries of peace.

He underlined that the most important thing is to be committed to implementing the peace agreement.

“There is commitment on the government side. I think this will also be the position of TPLF as well. This means that turning agreements into practice requires strong commitment by ignoring controversial issues to make the peace agreement successful.” 

The MP further noted that members of the House and all stakeholders need to support this deal and must safeguard peace.

HPR Member Ambassador Dina Mufti said on his part that the government has been expressing its commitment to find solution to conflict in the northern part of the country.

He stressed that to make the peace deal reached in Pretoria, South Africa, successful and implement properly, the support of member of the House and all Ethiopians is crucial.

Ethiopian News Agency