Prime Minister Abiy Stresses Need for Support Peace Process to Bear Fruit


Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 15, 2022 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underscored the need to support the peace agreement signed between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF in order for it bear fruit for the stability of the country.

Addressing the House of People’s Representatives at its 4th regular session today, the prime minister said Ethiopia should end the war to nurture lasting peace and sustain its vision for prosperity. 

A peace agreement was signed on 2 November, 2022 between the Ethiopian Government and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa.  

The prime minister underlined that all kinds of peace talks and negotiations are aimed at maintaining  the unity of Ethiopia and its territorial integrity. 

For peace negotions as far as we achieve we achieve the peace and unity of Ethiopiad, we will go to places in Africa, even beyond, the premier said. 

PM Abiy further reaffirmed that Ethiopia will go anywhere to achieve lasting peace, adding that “We will go to places anywhere, even to places we don't want to go just for the sake of the country’s interest.” 

The premier further expressed the government was commitment to solving all kinds of problems without the barrel of a gun, before the war broke out.

“As you remember from the outset, we said that we don't want to hear gunshots. We also stated that the people of Tigray should not hear the sound of gunfire before the war began. We also sent elderly persons to Mekelle for reconciliation,” he noted.  

He also cited global experience of how negotiation failed due to lack of trust.  

According to him: “Peace talks often break down after negotiations due to lack of trust and failure to keep promises. According to a study, 150 negotiations in the world have failed because of parties who failed to keep their promises.” 

As the Ethiopian government has taken one step forward by discussing and signing peace agreement, Abiy added that “what is required of us now is to ensure lasting peace by implementing our promise. We must work for this.” 

The premier underscored the need to diligently work for for peace and support its process for it be fruitful.

Ethiopian News Agency