The Government is working to ensure the peace agreement is implemented per agreed terms


The Government of Ethiopia is working to ensure the peace agreement signed in South Africa will be implemented according to the terms agreed upon.

Accordingly, efforts are being made to deliver humanitarian assistance to most of the Tigray region which is under ENDF command.

Basic services are slowly being restored in some areas. In other areas, a conducive environment is being created to repair damages to basic service infrastructure caused by rebel fighters.

Side by side to these efforts, the commanders of the ENDF and the TPLF have discussed on the detailed plans for disarmament of TPLF fighters.

The discussions have culminated with an agreement on the plans for disarmament and entry of the ENDF into Mekele according, as outlined in the peace agreement.

The Government urges that all parties involved in the implementation of the plan fulfill their obligations under the agreement.
November 12, 2022
Addis Ababa
Government Communication Service

Ethiopian News Agency