Council of Ministers Approves Regulations, Refers Proclamation to House of People's Representatives

Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 12,2022 The Council of Ministers discussed two regulations and referred a proclamation to the House of People's Representative today, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Council first discussed a draft regulation to establish a National Reintegration Commission.

The statement pointed out that since it is necessary to find a peaceful solution to the conflicts that have been taking place in all areas of the country, it has become necessary to establish a National Reintegration Commission.

The commission will allow the forces that were armed in organized forces to disarm and join the society in a sustainable way and lead a peaceful life, to participate in the process of development, peace and democracy in the country.

After an in-depth deliberation on the regulation, the council approved the regulation and decided that it takes effect from the date of its approval.

Next, the Council discussed the draft Defense Force bill.

The press release noted that the defense force is free from political bias and is in the process of reforming its mission of protecting the sovereignty of the country and the security of the citizens.

In order to further strengthen this reform and ensure its sustainability, a draft bill has been prepared and presented to the Council of Ministers to replace the existing proclamation by requiring a legal framework that is compatible with the current and future duties of the Defense Force.

After an extensive discussion, the council decided to pass it to the House of People's Representatives for endorsement.

Finally, the council discussed the draft regulation to determine the organization, power and functions of Ethiopian Enterprise Development.

After extensive discussion on the draft regulation, the Council of Ministers decided to make it effective from the day of its publication on the Negarit Gazeta.

Ethiopian News Agency