Peace Agreement Great Victory for Ethiopia, Important for Africa: Scoop Independent News Editor-in-Chief


Addis Ababa November 10/2022/ENA/ The peace agreement reached between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF is a great victory for Ethiopia and important for Africa’s ability to solve its own problem, Scoop Independent News Editor-in-Chief Thompson said.

The Scoop Independent News Editor-in-Chief, Alastair Thompson, who recently visited the war-torn areas like Alamata and its surroundings, told ENA that the peace talks in South Africa were more effective than the international community expected.   

“I was enormously surprised, delighted, and very happy. I have been following this conflict for a longtime and working on it. I wanted Ethiopia to return to peace. Peace now seems a genuine possibility. This negotiation in South Africa was much shorter and much more effective than we expected.”

He also appreciated the African Union, which has been facilitating the peace talks, adding that “it was an extremely successful process.”

According to him, it is important for Africa to solve its own problem and gives confidence that the African Union can give solutions to African problems.

Thompson, who was asked about his visit to the war-torn areas, responded that the localities such as Robit, Kobbo, Alamata, Raya Bala and Chercher towns have experienced the worst of the war for longer than the other parts of Ethiopia.

However, the people are now very happy about the peace agreement to end hostilities.

“The people are very happy about the peace agreement. Pretty much everybody we spoke to was very happy about the peace agreement.”

The editor added that he has discovered from his trip that the genuine possibility of peace will nurture in the near future.

“To achieve this, all stakeholders should refrain from such provocative approaches and inflammatory speeches that would undermine the  peace building initiatives,” he stressed.

For the journalist, this particular situation has led all concerned bodies to understand much more clearly that their role is not to inflame the situation. Therefore, the international community should stop and down the rhetoric.    

“Particularly, the international human rights organizations should completely desist from saying anything. Because they don’t know what happened in Tigray. They didn’t go there. They got information on the phone and information gathered remotely is not reliable. Now, that we have reached the point where peace is possible in Ethiopia.”

Ethiopian News Agency