Peace Agreement Showcases Ethiopian's Ability to Solve Their Problems: Colorado Republican Party Vice Chairperson


Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 10, 2022 Colorado Republican Party Vice Chairperson, Priscilla Rahn said the peace agreement is the showcase that Ethiopians are capable to solve their problems by themselves and without foreign intervention.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the vice chairperson noted that "Ethiopians have been saying all along that they wanted to solve their own problems by themselves. They believe that they can solve their problems.

"According to her, the peace agreement is also a good example to the spreading dictum: African solutions for African problems.

Rahn further said that Ethiopians believe in African leadership to be part of solutions because if African leaderships can work together they can make the whole continent stronger.

The peace deal is making sure that all the leaders in the continent are working together and solving these problems.

And if that great leadership and the former president of Nigeria are working together for solutions and compromise, it is a strong message for the US that you did not want any help, she stated.

''What I think people need to know is what amazing and strong people of Ethiopia are. I am so amazed how strong and how much resolve you have for your country and your people. And how willing you are to be fair... You will not be told what to do. You will decide for yourself, and I think that is amazing. I don’t think to see that in a lot of places but I believe in Ethiopia."

The vice chairperson pointed out that the singing of the ‘peace Agreement’ is amazing news. "Such happy news because the first thing that needs to be done was a ceasefire because we want Ethiopia that has the capability of creating a country where very body has safety and peace and prosperity."

Rahn stressed the need for support of leadership in Ethiopia and to be united together because Ethiopia is the leader to the Horn of Africa. So, "Ethiopians deserve to be a prosperous nation and that can only come if you have a peace in your nation."

This is just extra resolve of the government and the people of Ethiopia, she said, adding that everybody knows Prime Minister Abiy is an amazing leader. He has proven himself to be a strong leader and the problem solver.

"I think he is the right person for this time to lead Ethiopia to peace, healing and prosperity," the vice chairperson noted.

She also expressed her hope that the people of Tigray and the leaders of TPLF will change their behavior and support one united Ethiopia so that everybody can benefit in Ethiopia.

The vice chairperson also stated that the international community needs to take the humanitarian obligation in providing food and medical support for the conflict affected areas.

"It is going to be really crucial that the international community ensures that high quality food, medical care, and even doctors are deployed."

Rahn believes that people should get humanitarian aid from all over the world to create stability and to take the financial pressure of the government, because there are so many financial pressures that the government is going to face to rebuild Tigray.

Pointing out the importance of Ethiopia in the region, she said "Ethiopia is the center for transportation between Asia and other African nations. Ethiopia is such an important area, even with the water and energy. There is so much that Ethiopia has to offer to the rest of continent. So, once again stability comes first, then investment, and next the correlations and the trading. All of these thing have a great effect."  

Ethiopian News Agency