Gov’t Solicits Support for Colossal Damage after Agreement with TPLF


November 5/2022 /ENA/  The Government of Ethiopia has called on Ethiopia’s friends and partners to support reconstruction and rebuilding efforts in conflict-affected areas as peace agreement has been reached with the TPLF.

The Government of Ethiopia and TPLF signed a peace agreement in South Africa last week.

Briefing diplomats residing in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia’s partners today, Redwan Hussien, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, said Ethiopia’s friends and partners have welcomed the agreement and many are interested to support.

He confirmed that the government is committed to implement the agreement with communication and discussion with TPLF.   

According to the advisor, Tigray, parts of Amhara and Afar regions are particularly affected by this conflict. Some areas in Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz and Gambella regions are also affected by other conflicts.   

The government is committed to putting resources to the conflict-affected regions and will also solicit support from partners, he said.

“Ethiopia’s friends and partners are welcoming the agreement. Many are interested to support reconstruction and rebuilding efforts. As you know, Tigray region is affected most by the conflict. The government is committed to put its resources to rebuild the region. The needs are significant. We have an estimate of resource requirements and we shall be reaching out to our partners to lend their support. It is important that all members of this community support the agreement. We will not accept second guessing. The two sides have agreed and the country must move forward. We also need to revitalize relations with partners.”  

Currently, regions are soliciting resources to support the conflict-affected regions to rekindle hope and re-ignite the social bond, Redwan noted.

“Now, as a basis to also rekindle hope and also re-ignite the social bond, regions would solicit resources to go and help the people in Tigray. That also reconnects the social fabrics. Again, the federal government would do its best to solicit resources. Our partners would also be encouraged now to move in because I had the estimate yesterday from our Finance Minister that it would require like nearly 20 billion USD to bring back the entire loss.”  

The colossal damage sustained due to the conflict on infrastructures and social sectors would have uplifted the country had the parties sat together because the government has been calling for talks without precondition anywhere as long as it is led by Africa, he said.  

The security advisor thanked partners and observers for support to the peace agreement and stressed the need to revitalize relations with partners and solicit significant support to reconstruct and rebuild the conflict affected areas.

“We thank all partners who supported this process as observers. We might not agree on everything, but many partners provided valuable advice. It is time also now to revitalize relationships since the conflict is over.”  

Ethiopian News Agency