Ethiopian Diaspora Played Significant Role for Signing of Peace Agreement: Diaspora Belgium Community Coordinator


November 5/2022 /ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora has played significant role for the success signing of the recent peace agreement between the federal government and the TPLF, Defend Ethiopia Taskforce and Diaspora Belgium Community Coordinator Ephrem Zewdu said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the coordinator stated that the diaspora, in collaboration with the people and Government of Ethiopia, has played significant role for the signing  of the peace deal.

The diaspora community across the world have been engaged in public diplomacy and informing world leader’s, especially  in Brussels which is the seat of EU, the commission, the external action service in the council and many international institutions as well as multilateral  institutions, Ephrem said.

''So, we have been fortunate to inform them and request them to support efforts of the Ethiopian people to bring peace and stability in Ethiopia."

According to him, the immediate task of the diaspora should now be supporting the implementation of the peace deal.

"We have to play a constructive role for this great deal which is in the interest of the entire Ethiopian people."

He also pointed out that the diaspora is ready to mobilize resources to support affected communities by the conflict in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions.

The diaspora need to disengage from the disinformation campaign against the peace deal, Ephrem noted, adding they rather need to support the full implementation of the peace agreement.

The coordinator also said that the diaspora community is excited by the peace agreement as peace has got the chance to prevail in Ethiopia with the interest of Ethiopian people and Tigrayan brothers as well.

"We are happy. We are celebrating it. Peace should get the chance to prevail in our country. It is in the interest of the Ethiopian people to have peace and Tigrayan brothers who are part of Ethiopian people. So, we are watching for the implementation of the peace agreement.’’

Noting that the Government of Ethiopia has made a lot of efforts to reach at this point, the coordinator pointed out, the Ethiopian diaspora has been engaged in defending Ethiopia because the war has been an all out war media campaign to tarnish the image of the Ethiopian people and the Government of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian people and government are always committed for peace, he stressed.

Ephrem called on the TPLF to ensure peace through swift implementation of this deal, including  disarmament, as it is in the interest of Tigrayan people and the entire Ethiopian people.

No country allows armed insurgency in its own territory.  Therfore, the  disarmament of TPLF   in accordance with the signed peace agreement is the right solution, he underscored.

The coordinator also called on the international community to support Ethiopia’s peace initiative and institutions to address the challenges and provide humanitarian assistance for the people affected by the conflict.

Ethiopian News Agency