Obasanjo Says Implementing Peace Deal Requires Dexterity, Statesmanship and Patriotism

Addis Ababa November 4/2022/ENA/  The implementation of the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and TPLF requires much dexterity, statesmanship, leadership, and patriotism, AU High Representative for the Horn of Africa Olusegun Obasanjo said.

The AU High Representative told Ethiopian News Agency that “the implementation of the  peace agreement will require as much dexterity, statesmanship, leadership, patriotism and what we call an all-inclusive Ethiopian society (national dialogue).”

Speaking about the peace talk in South Africa, the former President of Nigeria stated that as a High Representative of the AU Commission in the Horn of Africa on a mission to promote peace, security and stability, particularly to make peace in Ethiopia, "I have seen demonstrated attitude of the spirit and of the attributes of the delegates from both sides over the ten days that was spent in Pretoria."

According to him, the peace agreement was a breakthrough.

“We have got to this stage where we are seeing the light beyond the tunnel,” the AU High Representative for the Horn of Africa added.

Obasanjo said that the two sides — the federal government and TPLF, have agreed to peace process which involves disarmament, access of humanitarian aid, demobilization, restoration of services, and integration.  

Ethiopian News Agency