Peace Deal Momentous to Solidify Peace in Ethiopia without External Interference: HPR Member Mohammed Al-Arousi


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 4th, 2022 As achieving peace in Ethiopia is the top priority, the Ethiopian Government has been taking various measures to end conflicts and the momentous peace agreement signed between the Federal Government and TPLF demonstrated the country's commitment to peace, a member of the House of People's Representatives (HPR), Mohammed Al-Arousi, told the Ethiopian News Agency.

The MP pointed out that one of the agendas of Ethiopia's enemies is working to destabilize the Horn of Africa. But Ethiopia has overcome this challenge and is ensuring peace.  

Peace is crucial for the country as conflicts are distracting it from its political priorities in the world and the Horn of Africa, in particular, he added. 

According to Mohammed, the government's efforts to achieve peace are colossal.  

The steps being taken to provide humanitarian aid and ceasefire and other efforts are commendable, he noted, adding that all interventions did not force the country to forfeit its sovereignty and external parties are working to control and impose their agendas under the cover of humanitarian aid and other excuses. 

He explained that peace comes as an embodiment of the real Ethiopian desire which consolidates the bonds of peace among the Ethiopian peoples; and that the nation will work to build the homeland and renounce hatred that obstructs the peace process in the country. 

The MP stressed that achieving peace in Ethiopia is a success for the African Union in silencing the guns inside Ethiopia, and that some countries benefit from the Ethiopian model in achieving peace.

"The country must have national institutions like the National Defense Force that defends the country.

And these should be strengthened to support peace efforts." Mohamed also praised the role of the African Union and said that the Union has proven its worth and is able to solve African problems in line with slogan that "African solution for African problem."  

Ethiopia's confidence in the African Union has contributed to restoring African prestige to everyone who deals with local issues internationally, the MP noted.

Ethiopian News Agency