Peace Agreement Consolidates Historic Victory Gained on the Ground: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa November 3, 2022 The peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and TPLF in South Africa solidifies the historic victory gained on the ground by gallant Ethiopians, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

The Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) signed an agreement yesterday for lasting peace and permanent cessation of hostilities.

Speaking to the public gathered at Arba Minch Stadium, the prime minister revealed that  Ethiopia's proposals were fully accepted at the peace talks in South Africa.

Elaborating on the peace agreement, Abiy said the two sides have fundamentally agreed that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia is non-negotiable.

The struggles of those heroes who sacrificed their lived and were wounded for the unity of Ethiopia deserve special thanks as their dreams have come true, the premier stressed.

Both sides have also agreed that the country only needs a national defense force and that is a big victory for Ethiopia.

He further explained that as legality is the basis for the existence of a country, the cancellation of the illegal election held in Tigray region and holding of another legal election has been accepted.

Agreement has also been reached by both sides that the claim of disputable areas be answered only through peace, dialogue and the law of the land.

The prime minister noted that bravery is not only about winning war, but also about kindness and forgiveness after victory.

The victory gained is a great opportunity, Abiy said, adding that Ethiopia's enemies are ashamed.

Effort will be enhanced to let the people of Tigray develop together with fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters, he pointed out.

The prime minister further said that Ethiopian heroism can be assured when we share and support our compatriots affected by the war in Tigray. "We need to uplift Ethiopianness by sharing what we have and offering love," he underscored.

If we have sacrificed our lives, spilled our blood for the unity of the country, we should also sweat for development of the nation.

‘‘Together with you we must repeat the victory we won in war in the peace front. If the victory achieved in war is not repeated in peace, if the victory achieved in peace is not repeated in prosperity, the existence of Ethiopia is bound to be threatened in one way or another. Therefore, without any complacency in the victory that we won, we need to repeat the victory in the peace front. I urge you all to repeat the victory we won in the peace front and prosperity and create an  indomitable Ethiopia, comfortable to our children.''

Ethiopian News Agency