ENDF Preserved Ethiopia’s Historical Unity, Averted Greatest Tragedy in Africa: American Political Analyst


Addis Ababa November 2/2022 /ENA/The National Defense Force preserved Ethiopia’s historical unity and therefore averted what could have otherwise ended up being the greatest tragedy in Africa since the Congo Wars, the American political analyst Andrew Korybko said.

Recalling the terrorist TPLF attack on the Northern Command of ENDF, Korybko said that the attack itself was surprising but the TPLF’s aggression wasn’t.

“Nobody could have predicted what form it would take, but many had expected that something was going to happen after the group’s prior spree of aggressive actions and statements began to pose a threat to national unity.”  

Everyone was, therefore, bracing themselves for some sort of provocation, the analyst said, adding that “what ultimately ended up taking place was a decisive moment in Ethiopia’s history since its existence was never threatened like this before.”

According to him, the ENDF decisively reacted in the name of the cosmopolitan people that it represents in order to safeguard national unity. It couldn’t in good conscience have sat back and failed to respond like its enemies pressured it to do.

“By resolutely fighting against the group that has since been rightly designated as terrorist, the ENDF preserved Ethiopia’s historical unity and therefore averted what could have otherwise ended up being the greatest tragedy in Africa since the Congo Wars.”

Moreover, the ENDF protects its people’s human rights from the egregious violations committed against them by the foreign-backed TPLF terrorists.

“Reality is always the opposite of whatever the West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) claims. The roles of victim and villain are always reversed per their manipulative DARVO (Denying, Attacking, and Reversing Victim and Offender) information warfare tactic,” Korybko elaborated.

On other hand, the analyst noted that this diverse military force is a shining example for all its African peers.

“It nowadays respects all of Ethiopia’s cosmopolitan people as equals and each of them have the same opportunity to rise through its ranks based on merit due to the reforms that were carried out under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s visionary leadership.”

Furthermore, the defense force's effectiveness is second to none and has been proven throughout the course of its anti-terrorist interventions in neighboring Somalia and within Ethiopia’s Tigray Region, he stated.

“The Ethiopian people know that the ENDF is the shield for protecting their diverse country from those myriad threats that aim to divide and rule them to the benefit of hostile forces.”

Without the ENDF, which is comprised of those same diverse Ethiopian people, Korybko said this millennia-old civilization would struggle to sustain its existence in the face of contemporary Hybrid War threats.

“It’s thus not only the Ethiopian people that are thankful for the ENDF, but also everyone across the world who appreciate its role too,” he stressed.
The analyst believes that Ethiopia did what no other Global South country that’s been seriously targeted by Hybrid Warfare had hitherto managed; and that’s to not only survive this campaign that’s been waged against it, but to emerge even stronger as a result.
“This outcome is entirely due to the perfect synergy between the diverse Ethiopian people and the ENDF that proudly represents them. Far from weakening this bond, the Hybrid War of Terror on Ethiopia only served to strengthen it.”  



Ethiopian News Agency