Ethiopia Has Overcome the Bloody Night of November 4, 2020


November 4, 2020 will be remembered as the most savage crime committed by homegrown terrorist group that charted out a strategy document to destroy Ethiopia by first annihilating the Northern Command of the ENDF. The barbaric act inflicted on the federal army in mid night on restive hours of the officers was the most conspicuous and treasonable offense against Ethiopia.

Mind you—what terrorist TPLF and its allies could have achieved,  had they been succeeded in their plots. The terrorist group was organizing this brutal massacre of the officers of the Northern Command of the ENDF for over two years. The cowardice massacre was carried out with support from foreign actors bent on destabilizing the whole country and dismantling the duly constituted government of Ethiopia.

TPLF is anti-people. This is not rhetoric but fact. The social implication of the treasonous attack was quite visible as it was meant to nurture a spirit of animosity and hatred among the peoples of Ethiopia.  But it never happened, despite the scars TPLF militants has left on Amhara and Afar people by massacring civilians, raping women and children in front of  spouses, mothers or children.

The people of Tigray are indebted to the ENDF which was not only protecting the region but was also conducting development programs which included construction of schools, clinics, social service centers and other development projects. When drought hit Tigray over the last two decades in which the ENDF operated in the region, all units of the Northern Command donated food and financial support for drought stricken districts in Tigray. They were assisting the farmers to harvest their crops and fought against the swarms of locus that plagued the region over the last three years.

Almost all western media outlets came up with news immediately parroting the propaganda of TPLF, tarnishing the Ethiopian government and ENDF, without saying anything about the mandate of the federal government in enforcing law and order whenever national security is endangered.

The major international media only parroted the scripts of terrorist TPLF, without saying anything about the law enforcement measures declared by the government of Ethiopia. Immediately after the attack in which hundreds of officers were martyred, their dead bodies crashed by tanks and dragged by vehicles on roads.

The history will be recorded in the future. Ethiopia once again foiled the most dangerous attempt of dismantling the Ethiopian statehood.

We can enumerate failed states by international conspiracies and proxies. For instance, Iraq, Libya, Syria, among others, were heavily damaged by western powers and proxy wars in the name of pretexts. Terrorist TPLF’s attack on northern command of ENDF was orchestrated in similar fashion by some dark forces.

This evident is glaring—Ethiopia has been an agenda for UN Security Council twelfth times based on the false allegations and pretexts by some members the council only pressing the country to their political pressure. TPLF has been their servant since its establishment.

What are the legal implications of the attack? In the first place, it was a gross violation of the constitution of the country which provides in article 87 sub article 3 “The armed forces shall protect the sovereignty of the country and carry out any responsibilities as may be assigned to them under any state of emergency”. By any level of inference, the attack was therefore an attack on the sovereignty of the country implying that it was a deliberate attack on the statehood of the country and is therefore the highest form of treason ever to be conducted on the country.  

This attack was a crime that subjected the country and prepared the ground for any level of the violation of the territorial integrity of the country making it vulnerable to foreign attack and pillage of the resources of the country.

While the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country was at stake due to the three rounds of war that was waged by terrorist TPLF on the people of Ethiopia, the gallant defense forces of the ENDF and Ethiopians fought shoulder to shoulder and inch by inch to ensure the peace and safety, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. Accordingly, ENDF reversed the imminent threat posed on the country and dismember it.

November 4,2020 marked the massacre conducted by a local terrorist group that was out to fan regional war in Africa. This day shall indeed be remembered in how ENDF preserved the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country through blood. Sons and daughters of Ethiopia   have fallen for their motherland.

What lessons can be drawn from the November 4 attack? The treasonous attack on ENDF has reinforced the solidarity and unity of the people of Ethiopia—this has been demonstrated during the law enforcement measures taken by the government.  It is a vivid reminder for  the need to strengthen the ENDF by providing all rounded support both at the front and the rear. Accordingly, Ethiopia has built strong and capable defense forces. The ENDF now is ready to defend  any attack from within and without.

Ethiopian News Agency