Electric Supply Resumes in Towns from Alamata to Kobo

Addis Ababa, November 1,2022 (ENA) The Ethiopian Electric Utility disclosed that electric supply has been resumed in the towns of Alamata, Korum, Waja, Timuga and Kobo, which were cut off from electric supply due to the destruction of infrastructure facilities by the terrorist TPLF group.

Electric infrastructure facilities in the towns were destroyed  by the terrorist during its invasions of the areas.

Woldiya District Director, Shimelis Woldeyes said the towns have now been able to regain electric supply following the intensive maintenance activities carried out to restore the electric infrastructures.

As the areas were receiving the supply from Alamata substation, they have been out of electric services for a long time, he added.

The electric supply has been resumed in the areas following the maintenance activities carried out on medium and lower electric transmission lines that had been seriously damaged due to the war.

The technical staffs of the district have been able to repair 66 KV power transmission lines in order to restore electric supply to the areas, the director indicated.

Recall that the government has vowed to resume humanitarian assistance and basic services to citizens in Tigray region.

Ethiopian News Agency