Westerners Do not Condemn TPLF's Atrocities of Successive Invasions : Ambassador Faisel

October 31/2022/ENA/ Some westerners do not want to condemn the terrorist TPLF group for the atrocities and accept the reality on ground as the latter is only serving their interest to destabilize Ethiopia, Ethiopian Ambassador to Qatar, Faisal Ali Ibrahim said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Faisal Ali said from the very beginning, the terrorist TPLF has never been democratic and loyal to Ethiopia’s interest.

He added that when we see the conflict in the north, it is the TPLF that attacked the northern command in Mekelle on 4 November, 2020 —which  was not, of course, hidden and secret to the international community  as they (TPLF) declared that on various media which the western media and countries don’t want to recognize.

When the TPLF force was defeated and its leaders moved out of Mekelle, escaping into the mountain of Tigray region, the government declared a ceasefire, so that Tigray farmers would use the rainy season for farming. Again the westerners didn’t recognize it.

“The second round of the conflict is also declared by the terrorist TPLF group, this was also not secret, they said, 'we will launch an attack on the neighboring regions,' and they did it. The western media and countries, don’t want to even condemn openly the aggression by the TPLF terrorist group to the neighboring regions.”

The government declared an unhindered humanitarian truce in last march 2022. Five months after that, the TPLF only used that truce period not to help people of Tigray, but to rearm and reorganize itself for the third round of attack on neighboring regions.

The TPLF has committed various atrocities including killing of civilians, raping women and killing kids, the ambassador said urging that the western powers and countries including their media to see the realities that are happening in Ethiopia.

“The last three rounds of the aggression and massacre committed by the TPLF terrorist group is supported financially and diplomatically, with also intelligent support including the media support by foreign external elements. So, this is their project. They don’t want to openly accept what is the reality happening on the ground and condemn the terrorist TPLF group because TPLF is only serving their interest in this part of the region.”

According to the ambassador, the war TPLF launched and the media campaign is not just against some elements of the society, it is against Ethiopia and it is supported by media propaganda and diplomacy to destabilize Ethiopia.

In this regard, the general public really have understood(as expressed in the recent rallies)  that this war is not about the government, it is about the fate of all of us Ethiopians, to avert this danger.

He also explained that Ethiopians need to stand together against the interests of foreign actors who want to destabilize Ethiopia and who want us to be diverted from our development agenda.

Whatever the circumstances, Ethiopia is always committed not only in the internal peace of itself, but also in the peace of neighboring countries, Africa and global at large. So our partners, and all the governments out there, need to understand and help Ethiopia which  always stands for peace.

Ethiopian News Agency