Idea of Pan-Africanism Essential to African Survival, Dev’t : Professor Miabey


October 31/2022/ENA/  The idea of Pan Africanism is the most essential idea to the “survival and the development of Africa,” Congolese American and Pan Africanist, Professor Teylama Miabey said.

Speaking to ENA, Professor of Mathematics at University of Howard in US and Congolese American Pan Africanist, Teylama Miabey said it’s an idea that was studied a long time ago by the founding fathers.

“The idea of Pan Africanism is the most essential idea to the survival and the development of Africa. Idea is a very powerful. That's the one we have to maintain,” he stated.

Therefore, the professor who attended the African Youth Summit in Addis Ababa, stressed that it is important to promote the pan African vision and sentiment to these generations about its importance to the continent.

The summit brought together youth from African countries to strengthen pan-Africanist vision, exchange experiences and strengthen integration and brotherhood among African youth.

“Bring the African youth is a great opportunity but at the same time, if we don't create jobs for them, if we don't create opportunity is going to be a big problem for Africa,” he elaborated.

Africa has a lot of issues today, but we also have a lot of solutions, he said, adding “Because we are the most richest continent on Earth, because all the natural resources are coming from Africa. Pan Africanism is the solution in which we can cooperate among Africans to try to solve our problems.”

Speaking on the vital role Ethiopia has been playing on pan Africanism vision; professor stated that Ethiopia symbolizes freedom and freedom not only for the continent of Africa, but it symbolizes freedom for the world.

“The reason why I'm saying that is because many countries got colonized, India got colonized, China got colonized. All those countries, wherever attacked, but they were colonized. Ethiopia was the country that was attacked, but defeated the ideas of colonization and remains a free nation,” he noted.

The reason why Ethiopia defeated colonialism was because it was united from all corners of the country, the professor recalled.

Professor said “unity is what should remain. Divide and conquer is the ideology that was used to divide Africa and to conquer Africa. If we are divided we are weak. The house that is divided cannot stand. But in the house that is united, right when we unite. When the forces that are come against us—are black people, they don't differentiate.”

Westerners oppose Africa because they want to weaken Africa; so they can take advantage of Africa. But we are on the same boat. We have to remain united.

“We have to find a peaceful solution to our problem,” he said, adding “the problems that are taking place right now in Ethiopia; we have to find a peaceful resolution on those and remain one united nation.”

“I believe that the solution for African people has to come to African themselves. And the only way we can come with this solution is first by unity, by coming together,” he underlined.

If you look at history, Ethiopia has been one of the nations, that has helped so many African countries for their independence, Professor Miabey added.

“They (Ethiopians) have helped in Zimbabwe. They helped in South Africa. That's why I said: Ethiopia stands for freedom and stood for other African countries when they were struggling, time now for all African countries to stand with Ethiopia, right to fight the forces that are against Ethiopia,” he indicated.

He expressed his hope that African leaders can understand what is taking place in Ethiopia as other African countries and may have helped Ethiopia to sustain this country to continue to be strong for the continent of Africa.

Ethiopian News Agency