ENDF Sacrificing to Liberate its Citizens in Tigray from Chocking Yolk of TPLF


Government Communication Service said in a statement today that the people of Tigray are playing a very crucial role in the sacrifices to bear the envisioned goal of assuring durable peace.

The statement stated that the hospitality of the people of Tigray for the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is extraordinary.

"From accommodations to logistics support to the providence of information about the whereabouts of the lone wolf TPLF soldiers and concealed arsenal, the people of Tigray have proven that they stand on the right side of history," the statement indicated.

The Ethiopian government would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to the people of Tigray at this historic juncture, Government Communication Service said, adding that this commendable stance of the people of Tigray has caused shock waves in the TPLF camp.

"TPLF has now started a disinformation campaign alleging the government of assigning non-Tigrians as guardian ad litem. This is in sharp contrast to the cause of the struggle of the Ethiopian people against TPLF itself."

The TPLF used to consider Ethiopians as wards and undemocratically assign guardian ad litems to all the regions, the statement said underlining that "the government of Ethiopia strongly believes that the Tigray region should be administered by the sons and daughters of the region. An attempt otherwise is not allowed in our federal system."

TPLF very well knows this but attempts to accuse the federal government for the case it should otherwise be held accountable during its tenure as the leader of the country, Government Communication Service said in its statement.

The Ethiopian government calls upon the people of Tigray to scale up the cooperation with ENDF and leave the theatrical guardian ad litem circus to the adamant player of it-TPLF.

Ethiopian News Agency