USA Looking for Ways to Preserve TPLF for Future Destabilizations of Ethiopia: American Analyst


October 29/2022/ENA/ The United States is looking for a means, in one form or another, to preserve the capabilities of the TPLF for future destabilizations of Ethiopia and make the country ungovernable, the African-American analyst Lawrence Freeman noted.

The analyst told ENA that as the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has made significant military gains on the ground in this almost two-year old conflict, veiled threats are coming  from the West.

“We have witnessed a new round of allegations accusing the Ethiopian government of genocide and causing the crisis to be spiraling out of control. This has been accompanied by more threats against the elected government of Ethiopia,” Freeman noted.

“Speaking to the press, U.S envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield, said: ‘The United States remains prepared to take appropriate measures against those who obstruct a resolution of this conflict, and we are determined to have those who commit human rights abuses held to account.’ This has been also echoed by the US State Department and foolish members of the US Congress ,” the analyst elaborated.

The American analyst pointed out that it should be clear to all that this is a direct threat against the Ethiopian government, not the TPLF.

From the beginning of the conflict, initiated by the TPLF’s attack on the Northern Command of the National Defense Force  in Mekelle on 4th November 2020, Freeman said the US has in effect, supported the ethno-nationalist military campaign to overthrow the Government of Ethiopia.

America supported the TPLF in three ways: one, not recognizing that the TPLF precipitated the conflict, not the Ethiopian government; two, refusing to denounce the actions of the TPLF immediately; and three, presenting a distorted rationale of equivalence between the Government of the nation-state of Ethiopia and the military arm of TPLF ethno-fanatics, who do not represent a nation, he revealed.

As a result, there is apprehension among Ethiopians at home and abroad about the involvement of the United States in the ongoing peace negotiations taking place in South Africa.

“There is apprehension among Ethiopians at home and abroad about the involvement of United States in the ongoing peace negotiations taking place in South Africa. This discussion platform was convened under the auspices of the African Union and led by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, to have Africans solve African problems. Many are suspicious of the participation of the United States envoy Mike Hammer in these negotiations. There is growing concern that the U.S. is attempting to pressure the Government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to concede legitimacy to the TPLF. ”

Moreover, some of the West media are voicing shameful threats that undermines peace and stability  in the continent.

On October 25, the second day of the peace talks, for instance, “the Washington Post, a leading media outlet for the Anglo-American establishment, urged the West to blackmail Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, by denying debt relief, if he did not carry out their dictates.”

The analyst shared  a few lines from the newspaper: “The United States and its allies have some leverage: They could threaten to impose new targeted sanctions on actors who have committed abuses and continue to withhold non-humanitarian assistance until there is progress. With Ethiopia’s economy floundering because of the conflict, global powers can also make clear that debt relief is available — but only if the situation improves.”

This obviously is not only a direct threat against the Ethiopian government, but also blackmailing.

The same newspaper, Washington Post, “in an article published on Friday, October 28, escalated their bullying tactics by demanding that Prime Minister Abiy be treated in the same manner as President Putin. 'The time for consideration has ended. Having sanctioned the top Russian leadership, including President Vladimir Putin, the Biden administration should make clear that no Ethiopian official is exempt --- not even a Nobel laureate. Abiy, too, should prepare for the worst.'”

Exposing the hypocrite West, Freeman said while Western officials, governments, and international organizations, including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, have expressed concern about massacres, atrocities, and mass killings in Tigray, they did nothing to stop this violent war.

“They stood by and said nothing to condemn the ethno-nationalist army’s campaign to overthrow the elected government. There were no screams of war crimes when the TPLF was poised to attack Addis-Ababa in November-December of last year. I know, I was there! ...  If those complaining today about the effects of war were genuinely concerned, they should have joined forces with me and others to prevent this war from unfolding; thus averting its consequences.”

In the present scenario, the American analyst advocates the adoption of Lincoln’s Strategy.  

“U.S. President, Abram Lincoln during the Civil War, ignored the advice of many of his generals and his allies, who counseled him to negotiate peace with the Confederacy, who he would only refer to as rebels. He told them, the only negotiations I will accept is their unconditional  surrender. His attitude after their surrender, was, 'with malice toward none and charity for all.' Should Ethiopians accept anything less to end this conflict?

“Without disarming the TPLF, the nation will not be at peace and will not be able to fully embrace its mission for economic development,” he underscored.

Freeman insisted that disarming the TPLF, followed by reintegration, should be supported by the United States of America.

Ethiopian News Agency