Ethiopia Condemns Irresponsible Allegations of 'Atrocities' for Sinister Political Agenda


Addis Ababa  October 28/2022 /ENA/ The Government of Ethiopia can no longer tolerate the defamatory falsehood being spread against Ethiopia by various western entities, according Government Communication Service.

“It is shameful that they parrot TPLF's irresponsible propaganda that the most heinous crimes could or might be committed in Ethiopia. They are not alleging intent or acts; they just say that there is a distinct possibility,” the GCS stated

Government Communication Service said in a statement that it is regrettable that few institutions of repute could not resist joining this orchestrated campaign against Ethiopia. Some might be fooled into believing this defamation against Ethiopia.

"Some share the intention of using these allegations to force Ethiopia into submission. They are mistaken that by making such outrageous allegations, they could intimidate the Government of Ethiopia to change course in its defensive measures against the TPLF," it added.

The statement pointed out that same are jumping to rescue this group no matter what. Some western officials openly admit that they pushed such rhetoric because Ethiopia refused to succumb to their instructions.

The bandwagon of accusations and slander does not change facts on the ground, the statement said adding "the Government acknowledges that some venerable organizations and well-meaning actors could be unwitting participants in this campaign."

It is very irresponsible and shameful that allegations of the most reprehensible and the gravest of all crimes is being made for political ends, it added.

“The Government of Ethiopia is thus forced to weigh its options and consider its relations with some states and entities that are making unsubstantiated and politically motivated accusations of such gravity against the country. It cannot continue to tolerate such extreme slander unanswered,” the Service underlined.

The Government is committed to the AU-convened Peace Talks because it is determined to end the conflict peacefully and in a durable fashion.

The Government of Ethiopia is equally committed to ensuring accountability for violations of human rights and humanitarian law arising out of the conflict, the statement added.

Ethiopian News Agency