Recent Protests Declared Ethiopia’s Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity Not Subject to Intervention: Ambassador Faisal


Addis Ababa October 27/2022/ENA/  The recent protests held in various parts of the world against Western intervention have made it clear that Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is not subjected to any foreign intervention, Ethiopia's Ambassador to Qatar, Faisal Ali Ibrahim, said

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador stated that Ethiopians have proved over the years that they are capable of managing their own issues by themselves.

He underscored that Ethiopians do not accept any form of foreign pressure in the name of  human rights, and democracy.

“Ethiopians, not only in the country but outside, have clearly and loudly told the world that Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are not subjected to any foreign intervention. This is the sole agenda of the Ethiopian people. They have clearly said that Ethiopia can manage its own domestic issues in respect to international principles.”  

According to him, Ethiopians have rejected any form of foreign interference driven by their own interests.  

That is why Ethiopians, regardless of their differences --- the ruling party and contending parties alike --- came out and spoke with same language and same agenda, Ambassador Faisal noted.

He explained that their message is clear --- stop challenging the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia!

“The protests of Ethiopians all over the world and in all regions and major cities have sent clear message. Ethiopians are fed up with the Trojan horse of our historical enemies, in this case the TPLF terrorist group. But the enemies and their guardians are running left and right to save their agent in the region. This is unacceptable, and Ethiopians have clearly spoken on this issue,”  the ambassador stressed.

Ambassador Faisal finally pointed out that Ethiopia is also facing challenges from neocolonial powers in the name of democracy and human right.

The messages of the worldwide and nationwide protests have, however, made it clear that all Ethiopian demand respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.   

Ethiopian News Agency