PM Abiy Congratulates Xi Jinping for Reelection as General Secretary of CPC


Addis Ababa October 24/2022 /ENA/  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has congratulated President Xi Jinping for the reelection as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC).

In his congratulatory massage to President Jinping, Abiy stated that “your reelection as leader of the most successful party is conclusive proof of your effective leadership, as evidenced by multifaceted achievements from which the Chinese people have benefited directly.”

Over the previous years of your leadership, you have played an important role not only in sustaining national economic development but also in safeguarding China's global influence, overcoming significant global challenges and shocks, the premier pointed out.

“I am confident that the world is now convinced of the importance of your party's homegrown development model, as well as your committed and persistent leadership in effectively implementing the model.”

“Your unwavering effort to improve the quality of economic development and close the wealth gap among Chinese people is a valuable lesson for developing countries like Ethiopia. Your party's special emphasis on science, innovation, and technology has successfully paved the way for China's journey toward multidimensional prosperity.”

Abiy stressed that the technological breakthrough that has resulted from the CPC's strategic focus and your specific leadership attention has not only helped China stand strong domestically, but has also contributed to its positive influence in the global landscape.

Accordingly, Ethiopia has learned a lot from the CPC's experiences with human-centered development, effective governance and grassroots public service, shared prosperity, and selfless leadership for the benefit of citizens, PM Abiy said.

“I am certain that the extraordinary caliber you have demonstrated as General Secretary of CPC over the last few years has earned you the great honor of leading the world's largest party and the great people of China.”

Highlighting that under the leadership of Jinping, China is a dependable strategic partner for Ethiopia, he said “We have been truly cooperating and effectively working together on a number of issues for the benefit of our people. Your reelection as General Secretary of CPC will strengthen the CPC's already strong relationship and cooperation with the Prosperity Party.”

“I want to assure you that the Prosperity Party and its entire leadership, including myself, will continue to collaborate with your Excellency and your great Party, the CPC,” he affirmed.

With best wishes for an effective and successful leadership term, Abiy further noted “I would like to congratulate you, the entire leadership of CPC, and the Chinese people on your reelection as General Secretary of the CPC.”

Ethiopian News Agency