Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Calls on Some Countries to Refrain from Supporting Terrorist TPLF


Addis Ababa October 22/2022 /ENA/  Some countries need to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and refrain from supporting the terrorist TPLF, Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Jantrar Abay said.

Addressing a rally held at Mesqel Square today, Jantrar stressed that the sovereignty of Ethiopia must be respected and Ethiopians as always will continue to stand in unison to safeguard the sovereignty of their country.

Residents of Addis Ababa and environs held huge rally that supports the measures being taken by the government to ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and condemn external interference in Ethiopian affairs using the TPLF as agent.

Some countries in the West are trying to put pressure on Ethiopia and support the terrorist TPLF to hamper development, he noted.  

Even if we (Ethiopians) are poor, we will never allow the violation of our sovereignty, the deputy mayor stressed.

He pointed out that it is the terrorist TPLF which started this third round war to destroy Ethiopia. "And Ethiopians are always ready to protect their country."   

Stating that Ethiopians will fight for their sovereignty, he warned parties trying to strangle Ethiopia to refrain from their action that violates the sovereignty of the country.  

According to him, Ethiopians give importance to their honor than daily consumption and there will be nothing more important than protecting the honor of Ethiopia.  

History will therefore remember those who stood by Ethiopia to uphold its sovereignty, Jantrar stated.

In addition to the rally held in the capital city, a number of other rallies were held in other regional towns, including in Jimma, Adama and Hawassa.

The nationwide rallies that started today are expected to continue, it was learned.

Ethiopians across the country and abroad have been rallying in huge numbers condemning TPLF's wrong deeds and external interference in Ethiopian affairs.

Ethiopian News Agency