West Should Stop Supporting Lawless TPLF, Says Prominent Artist


Addis Ababa October 22/2022 /ENA/ TPLF is the cause of every evil in Ethiopia and Westerners should stop supporting the lawless group as the time to dehumanize Africa has long gone, the prominent artist Debebe Eshetu said.

Speaking at the rally held at Meskel Square today, he stated that TPLF has been a belligerent group for the past 50 years.

And over the years “TPLF has been the cause of every evil in Ethiopia. So, the West should not support the terrorist TPLF.”

“We are the citizens of freedom. We had a state before the European states, the U.S and the rest,” the artists noted, adding that “We (Ethiopians) had a structured government, religion, language and law. We had never surrendered to colonialism and never allowed foreign powers to guide us   to run our country.”

Citing that the pressure to make Ethiopians kneel started in 1896 when Mussolini ordered his army to colonize Ethiopia, he said the outcome of that battle ensured Ethiopia’s independence, making it the only African country never to be colonized.

According to him, the first Ethio-Italian war is a turning point for the modern African history. Many newspapers around the world portrayed Ethiopians as whites because they did not want to reveal that an army of black warriors can win such a decisive battle against a white army.  

In this 21st century every government is unconditionally free to have a democratically elected government.

“We have that, but countries are united against us supporting the lawless TPLF to come back to power,” Debebe noted.

“For us, this is an issue we cannot tolerate. Some with colonial mindset call our part of the world a jungle. We want to remind them about Victory of Adwa. We are the lions in the jungle, and the lions' roar has silenced a colonial ambition.”

The artist underscored that the time to dehumanize Africa has long gone. Africa should waken up and utilize their resources that have been exploited for ages.

Africa should be for Africans, according to Debebe.

“We (Ethiopians) are building dams, infrastructures. We as Africans and Ethiopians would like the world to respect our choice; and we say No-More, No-More, and No-More!”  

The veteran artist concluded his remark saying, “a threat over Ethiopia is a threat on the Horn of Africa and international peace.”

Ethiopian News Agency