Desperate TPLF Seeking Int'l Community Assistance to Be Rescued: Conflict Observer


Addis Ababa, October 21,2022  The desperate TPLF group is seeking to be rescued by the international community, media and diplomacy as usual, a foreign journalist and observer of northern Ethiopian conflict told ENA.

Alastair Thompson, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Scoop Independent News, said the decision of TPLF to resume the ongoing third-round war was a terrible miscalculation on their part.

The war of choice by the terrorist TPLF never really had any real chance of winning, he noted. Thompson envisages the possibility of the conclusion of the war within two to three weeks.

“In the circumstances, the TPLF leaders restarted the war and they have lost that war. And TPLF has caused the death of probably tens of thousands of Tigrayan  military soldiers, mostly child soldiers.”

Even though it is hard to get information militarily about what is happening, it appears that the TPLF is being pushed back, the conflict observer said referring to the recent statement of the Government of Ethiopia regarding Shire, Korem and Alamata cities; all falling without fight.

Thus the rebel TPLF is desperately seeking international rescue and the usual suspects are playing “the Eritrea card”, which still seems to play well especially in Europe and Washington.

“At the beginning of this war, the TPLF thought that they had gained military success. (However) TPLF is now in disarray, lashing out and seeking international rescue assistance. But it doesn’t look that the international community is interested in assisting at this point and time,” the conflict observer elaborated.

According to Thompson, a very intense media activities from the TPLF information operations are being reinforced against Ethiopia and the National Defense Force.

The Editor-in-Chief is convinced that the victim narrative of the media will probably stay around. “I think the victimhood politics will be more intense for a very long time.”

The TPLF sympathizers are trying to employ the Tigray genocide card and seeking to find international allies from  the media and diplomatic world, Thompson noted.

The conflict observer stated that “TPLF’s information operations is now in overdrive, doing all that they can try to assist.” He mentioned TPLF propagandists that feed narrative against Ethiopia, including  William Davison, Alex de Waal, Martin Plaut, Kjetil Tronvoll, Miriam van der Ring.

Some of the leading players in the United Nations, European Union and the US have been still provoking the situation in Ethiopia, providing much encouragement to the terrorist TPLF, he pointed out.

The United Nations’ leadership is still in a bind because of the role played by WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom in all of the endeavors to support the TPLF and undermine the sovereignty  of Ethiopia, the Editor-in-Chief said.

The conflict observer particularly blamed the European Union (EU) for pressurizing Ethiopia in this third-phase of the war waged by the TPLF.

“Unfortunately, because of  Joseph Borrell (High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) the EU is seemingly taking quite strong positions. It is because of Joseph Borrell and his relation with  Tedros Adhanom. And the decision of the European Parliament to essentially renew the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) is unjust and inappropriate.”

Thompson strongly suspects that it is the Borrell and Tedros relationship which led to the renewal of the ICHREE mandate, which Ethiopia opposed repeatedly since its intent is to  accuse the Ethiopian government of crimes against humanity.

Ethiopian News Agency