INSA Urges Institutions to Modernize Working Systems to Avert Rising Cyber-attacks


October 17/2022 / ( ENA) The Information Network Security Administration (INSA) urged institutions in Ethiopia to modernize technologies and systems to enhance cyber security and protect the nation from increasing cyber-attacks.

Indicating the rise of cyber-attack incidents in different institutions in Ethiopia in the past few years, INSA stated that it has recorded 8,845 cyber-attacks at the end of the 2014 Ethiopian fiscal year from 791 cyber-attacks in the year 2011.  

Launching the 2nd phase of the 3rd National Cyber Security month today, INSA Deputy Director General Tigist Kamil urged the institutions to improve cyber security awareness and modernize their technologies and systems to protect cyber-attacks.

“Governmental and private institutions have to modernize the technologies and working systems to protect their institutions and the country from cyber-attack in an integrated manner,” Tigist said.

The cyber-attacks on different governmental and private institutions have been increasing due to internal and external factors.

Cyber-attacks occurred on media institutions, financial institutions, governmental institutions and projects among others, it was pointed out.

Civil Service Commission Commissioner, Mokria Haile said the institutions must work on developing cyber security systems to preventing cyber-attacks.

“All governmental and non-governmental institutions have to give appropriate attention to cyber security and develop working systems to prevent cyber-attack on their institution and country,” Mokria said.

The institutions should modernize their systems and build technological capacity to protect cyber-attacks, he added.

The use of insecure technology, unstable working system, lack of cyber security awareness and incapable human power are among the main factors that expose to cyber-attack, it was learned.

It was also pointed out that institutions are able to effectively prevent cyber-attacks in an integrated way especially based on their respective sectors because they mostly use similar technology and working system to provide services or products.

Effective leadership, technology development, expansion, rising cyber security awareness and cooperation help for integrated cyber security.

More than a hundred stakeholders attended the 2nd  phase of the 3rd National Cyber Security month today launched under the theme "Integrated Cyber Security for National Sovereignty" aimed to rise cyber security awareness and collaboration.  

Ethiopian News Agency