Ethiopia, Bahrain Agree to Cooperate in Tourism Sector


Addis Ababa October 13/2022/ENA/ Head of the Ethiopian Consulate General Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ambassador Awall Wagris met and discussed with Tourism Minister of Bahrain, Fatima bint Jaffer Al Sairafi.

The two sides have discussed on many issues during the conversation in an effort to strengthen bilateral relations through tourism.

During the discussion, Ambassador Awel called on Bahraini tourists to visit Ethiopia, mentioning various renowned tourist attractions and destinations in the country.

To increase tourist flows, he emphasized the necessity of collaboration between the ministries and travel agencies of the two countries.

The Minister, for her part, promised the ambassador that she would work to make Ethiopia one of the top travel destinations for Bahraini visitors by encouraging them to include Ethiopia in their tour packages.

She also supported the notion that key players in the tourism industries of the two nations should collaborate closely in order to increase tourist flows and tighten people-to-people ties.

Ethiopian News Agency