Independent HPR Member Says TPLF’s Military Means Doomed to Failure, Urges Group to Come to Negotiating Table


Addis Ababa October 12/2022/ENA/ TPLF has to seek peaceful resolution to the war in northern Ethiopia instead of trying to achieve what it wants through military means, the independent House of People's Representatives (HPR) Member Dima Negewo said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the independent parliament member lauded the openness of the government to end the conflict in the north through peaceful means.

“This is commendable and I applaud the Government of Ethiopia for taking up this path to resolve this long-running conflict in the northern part of the country,” Dima said.

Recall that President Sahle Work Zewde reiterated in her speech to the second joint session of the House of People's Representatives and the House of Federation that the conflict should be resolved peacefully.

The independent member of the HPR also noted that the belligerent group should come to the negotiating table.

Dima, who is also House Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson, stated that the willingness of the government is not enough. “To bring about peace, it requires all parties.”

Explaining the fundamental difference between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF, he noted that the former is a democratically elected and legitimate government while the latter is an armed group.

The federal government “is a government elected by the people to run the affairs of this county. But the TPLF is a rebel group. (Even then) if it has the interest of the people at heart, it should come to the negotiating table and bring lasting peace.”

The chairperson noted that the rebel TPLF group is doomed to failure in its attempt to try to achieve its ill-intended ambition through military means. It has failed during the last two years and the group will never succeed in this way.

Believing that everything can be solved through dialogue and discussions, the group should stop further destruction and seek peaceful solutions, he underscored.

“The TPLF will not achieve what it wants through armed means. This is obvious. If that is the case, I think it should seek a peaceful way for the good will of the people. It should come to the negotiating table and try to resolve all outstanding issues it may have with the government through dialogue.”

Commenting on the foreign and domestic challenges that Ethiopia is facing, he said the country has overcome major difficulties.

According to him, the last Ethiopian year was a very challenging time for the country and the Government of Ethiopia. This challenge was very serious, but somehow the country has been able to survive the challenges, especially the internal and external challenges that the country faced.

Dima expressed his hope in the reaffirmation of the government to resolve the conflict in the north through peaceful means, and to create a stable situation in the country.

Ethiopian News Agency