Representatives of Competing Parties Vow to Work with Gov''t on Sovereignty, Peace Building


Addis Ababa October 12/2022 /ENA/ Competing political parties representatives in the House of People's Representatives told Ethiopian News Agency that they will work in cooperation with the government on issues of national sovereignty, unity, and peace building.

Reacting to President Sahle Work Zewde's speech to the second joint session of the House of People's Representatives and the House of Federation, the members of the HPR noted that the existence of all Ethiopians depends on the existence of the country, sovereignty, national unity and, peace building

To ensure these, we must work together without any difference, they said.

The representatives also stated that they will pay special attention to the implementation of  accountability by strictly controlling the executive bodies.

In her speech to the joint session, the president had pointed out further that the main focus areas of the government in the 2015 Ethiopian fiscal year are in particular issues of peace and tranquility, cost of living, good governance, development, and other basic issues.

Everyone should exert maximum effort for the implementation of the main focus areas, she stressed.  

In relation to this, the representatives of the competing political parties said that they are ready to effectively fulfill the mandate entrusted upon them by the people.

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) representatives, Abraham Berta said the opposition will continue working with the ruling party to ensure the sovereignty and unity of the country and the process of building a democratic system like they did during the first year tenure in the House of People's Representatives.

He added that unity and sovereignty of the country, building of peace and democracy and good governance are the main issues that we all work on together without exception.

In terms of maintaining sovereignty of the country, we have been doing our best, Abraham stated.

“We  all can live as competing party, ruling party and the people, when we have a country. So first of all, we should be careful to differentiate the things that we have in common. Then we can present our policy as an alternative as much as possible so that our country would continue, and the government will see the gap,” he elaborated.

The other competing party member at the House and representative of the Gedeo People's Democratic Organization, Alessa Mengesha said that we are ready to work in cooperation with the government and political parties on matters that strengthen the unity of the country.

"We have spent one year this way, expressing our opinions in a democratic way through the agendas raised in the meetings, expressing our opposition and support. This year, we hope to continue even more than this one," he said.

Ethiopian News Agency