Peaceful Completion of Festivals Show Ethiopians Resolve To Maintain Peace: Gov't Communication Service


Addis Ababa October 3/2022 (ENA) The peaceful completion of the public and religious holidays celebrated last week demonstrate the fact that Ethiopians are the guardians of peace to their country.

Ethiopians across the nation had celebrated various public and religious festivals in the month of September including the Ethiopian New Year, Meskel (Finding of the True Cross), Irreecha (Oromo People Thanks Giving Day) as well as the celebration of Gishen Debre Kerbe.

In its press statement issued today, Government Communication Service said that all of these public and religious festivals and holidays were celebrated by millions of people including several foreign tourists decorated with religious and traditional values as well as accompanied by grand innovative displays without any security problems.  

Noting that the general public needs to be praised for its great contribution to the peaceful conclusion of the festivals, the statement said those who traveled to different parts of our country to celebrate the holidays received and treated with true Ethiopian love.

The federal and regional states security forces have effectively carried out their tasks in collaboration with the people and foiled the conspiracies of terrorist groups who had planned to use the holidays for their destabilization acts.  

The statement noted that media institutions exerted efforts to promote the festivals with a view to strengthening national unity, promote domestic tourism and entrepreneurship.

The completion of the holidays in peaceful manner confirms the fact that Ethiopia can carry out effective activities even in the face of challenges, the statement indicated.

The government of Ethiopia has extended its highest appreciations to the security bodies and government structures at all levels, religious leaders, elders, youth and media institutions for their contribution in this regard.  

Ethiopian News Agency