Irreecha Festival Celebrated Colorfully Depicting Oromo's Culture with Spectacular Traditional Attires


October 2/2022 (ENA) The Oromo people thanks giving festival Irreecha has been colorfully celebrated in manners that depict the Oromo culture with increasing number of participants decorated with various spectacular traditional attires.

Irreecha festival has been peacefully celebrated in  Bishoftu town at Hora Harsadii in a beautiful and cheerful manner today in the presence of hundreds of thousands of participants, Abbaa Gadaas, government officials and other guests.

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Since the Gadaa System has been registered as one of the intangible world cultural heritages by UNESCO, the festival is embraced by the international community at large encouraging the tourism industry of Ethiopia.

The festival brings together the many Oromo cultures in an unmatched spectacle of love, tradition, color drawing crowds from all over the country.

It introduces a vibrant array of colors that makes it one of the most beautiful street festivals among Oromos and other nations and nationalities of the country.

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The fine attire of the participants is one of the many unique aspects of the festival, and people of all ages and cultural backgrounds come to Hora Harsadee dressed in show-stopping finery.

One of the participants, Birhanu Qenati, came with his three children to celebrate this grand Irreecha festival by wearing traditional attire.

He said the designs of the traditional attire worn by the people who attend the annual Irreecha festival are growing every year.

“This year's Irreecha festival is very colorful and attractive. Many participants of this grand festival wear traditional attire which reflects the culture of Oromo in good manner,” he stated.   

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Irreecha is a symbol of unity, love and brotherhood, he said, adding “I am very happy to celebrate this beautiful festival with many children along with others.”

On other hand, he indicated that attending the Irreecha festival that is celebrated every year made us to know our culture and play our part to protect the values of the Irreecha festival.

Another participant of the festival, Fatuma Hussein said this year's festival was peaceful and colorful.

“I am happy to participate in this year's festival. It is beyond my expectation. I was so excited to see the  people with beautiful attire. I have no words to express this,” she described the color of the festival.  

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Moreover, she elaborated Irreechaa has the greatest role in consolidating unity and fraternity between nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

Recently, not only people of Oromo but also different nations and nationalities of our country are celebrating this grand festival with their Oromo brothers and sisters.

Chala Sentigulu, who has been participating the festival over the past five years, said during the Irreecha festival, friends, families and relatives gather together and celebrate with joy and happiness for the occasion of the day.

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“I have been participating in this festival for the past five years. This year's Irreecha is special for me as it is celebrated peacefully, decorated with traditional attire which clearly reflects the values of Irreecha,” he said.

Many consider Irreechaa festival as one of rich heritages contributed to the world by the Oromo people.  

This festival also contributes a lot to strengthen love and harmony among nations and nationalities and people of the country thereby reinforces the national unity.

Ethiopian News Agency