Traditional Values of Irreechaa Need To be Preserved: GCS

Addis Ababa September 30/2022 (ENA) Since Irreechaa is a heritage that has a typical role in building national unity and solidarity, everyone should do their part to preserve the traditional values ​​and pass on to the next generation, Government Communication Service said.

In its press statement issued today in connection with Irreechaa, the Government Communication Service said that Irreechaa is chiefly a Thanksgiving festival celebrating at the end of the rainy seasons.

This is a national tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years and it is not only a thanksgiving but also a celebration of unity, brotherhood, reconciliation and peace.

The statement added that this traditional value and celebration ceremony of Irreechaa plays a major role in strengthening brotherhood, developing solidarity and ensuring lasting peace in our country. Irreechaa is a national treasure that is strengthening unity beyond thanksgiving.

“Irreechaa is one of our heritages as a country and it is also a national treasure that has been registered as an intangible heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)," the service said.

Irreechaa is attended by millions of participants: women, men, children, young people elders and among others are celebrating with beautiful costumes, so it is becoming the biggest tourism resource and attractions to the country.

As this traditional and beautiful festival of Irreechaa is a treasure to the world beyond the country, it is necessary to celebrate it in an orderly way so that it can serve as a source of tourism, the statement said.

To preserve the value of the festival, the government calls on the entire nation that owns the festival to celebrate it in peace and unity without breaking the value of the festival.

Ethiopian News Agency