Terrorist TPLF Continues Using Humanitarian Aid Delivery Vehicles for Warfare: Gov't Communication Service


Addis Ababa September 26/2022 /ENA/  The Government of Ethiopia has urged international aid agencies to carry out their responsibilities efficiently and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the targeted beneficiaries and not TPLF combatants.

In a statement Government Communication Service issued today said that the terrorist TPLF has continued using humanitarian aid delivery vehicles for warfare.

The statement noted that the Government of Ethiopia has been making many efforts to end the war in Tigray, which it was forced into and to provide humanitarian aid to the citizens of the region, adding that the government has been taking practical measures.

“On the other hand, the Government has repeatedly revealed that the terrorist TPLF has been appropriating trucks assigned to deliver humanitarian assistance provided by the international community towards the purposes of transporting its fighters instead of aid delivery,” the statement noted.

The statement underlined that the international institutions are responsible for stopping crimes committed by the terrorist group and violations of international law. It also went on as saying: “They are also tasked with ensuring that aid to the region is used for appropriate purposes.The Government has repeatedly called upon international humanitarian organizations to dispense their duties.”

It is well known that the Government is taking preventive measures to safeguard the existence of the country and the safety of its citizens following the third round of attacks launched by the terrorist TPLF clique, it said.

“The Government once again would like to alert aid organizations to refrain from operating in areas where the government is taking preventive measures to thwart attacks launched against it,” the statement underscored.  

It is known that in addition to the humanitarian aid transport vehicles that have been hijacked in the past, TPLF has also been transporting its combatants on trucks that have been illegally painted with the logos of the World Food Organization and the United Nations, the statement said adding that "Therefore, the government strongly advises aid organizations to ensure that the vehicles they use for aid are not used by terrorists.”

Ethiopian News Agency