TPLF Exacerbated Suffering of People of Tigray by Starting Recent War, Says Journalist Who Surrendered


Addis Ababa September 23/2022 /ENA/ The terrorist TPLF started the recent war on Kobo front to exacerbate the sufferings of the people of Tigray who endured miseries by the offensives of the group for two rounds, Fistum Tsegaye, a journalist of the terrorist group TPLF who has surrendered to the National Defense Force revealed.

Mothers in Tigray “have no place to hide their children from the terrorist group that is snatching them away.”

During its 27 years rule of the country, the terrorist group has committed many atrocities and crimes against Ethiopians.

In those years of reign of terror, people were tied up together with hyena; others were kept in dungeons with their hands and feet tied for years. Some persons suffered from injuries as a result of burns inflicted by pouring burning plastics on their bodies.

After the terrorist group was removed from power by a popular protest, it committed treasonous attack on the Northern Command of the National Defense Force, in cooperation with Ethiopia's historical enemies, and carried out invasions that threatened the country's existence.

By denying the people of Tigray from receiving humanitarian assistance, the terrorist group has shown its cruelty to the people by forcing children to war as it cares little for the people.

Speaking to ENA, the journalist who surrendered to the NDF said the terrorist TPLF snatched children from mothers of Tigray, abandoning the elderly without support.

The journalist noted that the terrorist group, which has been extending its existence by inciting conflict, has proved that it is against peace by launching a third round of attack on the people of Ethiopia.

Fistum stated that even if the people of Tigray have been pleading with the group to end the war  and solved the problems through peaceful means, the terrorist group launched the war.

The terrorist TPLF launched the war on Kobo front, disregarding  the sufferings of the people of Tigray who endured miseries by the previous offensives.

For the third time, it launched attack and tries to deceive the people of Tigray by lying that the Ethiopian government started the war, he elaborated, adding that this confrontation has exacerbated the problems of the people of Tigray.

According to Fistum, neither the international community nor the people of Tigray should be confused by the false information and propaganda of the terrorist group.

The journalist revealed that there is no youth in Tigray who wants to go to the war front. However, the children and youth who flee to other zones and kebeles to escape from the terrorist group's network would be seized and taken to war.

“The children and youth of Tigray are being hunted and forced to go to war. And the terrorist group shoots those who retreat with its killing squads,” he added.

The journalist said the youth lacked options as they were killed from behind when they fled and  death became their only option.

“I have seen with my own eyes young people being killed by the leaders of the TPLF because they retreated,” he said.

Moreover, the journalist stated that the terrorist group's army is in disarray due to the defiance of the youth who rebelled against  the repression and abuses of TPLF on the people of Tigray.

However, through their established networks, the terrorists are taking the youth to war fronts and many who defied have been arrested, according to the journalist.

The people of Tigray are taken hostages by TPLF that deprived them their rights to express grievances and opposition about the difficult situation in Tigray.   

“The terrorist TPLF has made the people of Tigray suffer from starvation and death. It didn't do anything to save the people.”

The journalist further revealed that what is being reported by the Tigray media about the situation in the region and the reality on the ground are completely different.

Ethiopian News Agency