African Countries Renew Political Commitment to Silence the Guns: Patience Chiradza


Addis Ababa September 22/2022 /ENA/ African countries have renewed political commitment to silencing guns by extending the deadline to 2030, Governance and Conflict Prevention Directorate of the Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department Director Patience Chiradza said.

The Africa amnesty month was held at the African Union Headquarters today with a continental dialogue towards achieving the goal of silencing the guns in Africa by 2030.

Chiradza told ENA that progresses are achieved to realize the continental agenda and will further be strengthened.

“Most of our member states have made significant progress in collecting small arms from those that have not been registered and we have seen almost all our member states are giving us report on that which I think is really good progress in terms of the steps that have been taken towards silencing the guns,” she added.

She also pointed out that the member states have shown a renewed commitment to go forward and achieve the continental agenda of silencing the guns.

Ethiopia’s Acting Permanent Representative to AU and UNECA, Nardos Ayalew said that the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons and their use in different parts of Africa have resulted in countless deaths, untold human suffering and population displacement.

Illicit firearms are also enablers of armed violence, and they fuel all forms of armed conflict, she added.

Ethiopia has adopted the proclamation on firearms, Nardos said, adding that firearms administration and management activities should be monitored with technological support.

However, she pointed out “challenges still remain in terms of expediting and consolidating implementation of Ethiopia’s national amnesty program, most of which revolve around gaps in financial and material support as well as capacity building.”

Ethiopian News Agency