RedFox Launches State-of-the-Art Data Center Built With 130 Mil USD

Addis Ababa September 19/2022 (ENA) RedFox Solutions Group launched the state-of-the-art infrastructure of RedFox Modular Data Center (RFETH-MDC01) built with a cost of 130 million USD today.

The Data Center is believed to expedite efforts being underway to build digital economy in the country.

The project is expected to help modernize the overall economy including the agriculture and industry sectors by adequately and easily providing digital information vital to their effective operations.  

It is indicated that the data center will have paramount importance towards the country’s aspiration of creating a digital economy besides creating jobs and bringing in revenues.

During the launching ceremony of the Data Center, RedFox Solutions Group CEO Adane Kassaye said that RedFox’s goal is to be a pre-eminent data center provider in the region.

“RedFox builds its data center in phases; our first modular data center, which is now operational, followed by our build to suite server farm are both lcated at the ICT park,” he elaborated.

Adane added that locations of the disaster recovery sites in Ethiopia and the next three additional modular data centers will be announced by the end of this fiscal year.

“With our current capacity that is live and operational, our data center will enable our customers demonstrate these audit and compliance friendly state-of the-art offerings,” he emphasized.

Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO, Sandokan Debebe on his part said that it is a ground breaking as it will not only serve as a data center but also offer solutions with qualified experts.

Digital sector is one of Ethiopia’s 10 year development plan priorities, he said, and added private sectors need to actively engage and be able to change the livelihoods of Ethiopians.

According to CEO, RedFox has proven what that projects such as this can not only be achieved but also on time.

RedFox was founded by Ethiopian-Diaspora professionals with years of experience in the areas of Telecom and Information Technology.

The firm has led numerous cutting-edge technology deployments in different business verticals to empower the use of comprehensive data center solutions.

Ethiopian News Agency