Some Int’l Actors Violate Int'l Law, Act against Ethiopia’s Sovereignty: Law Experts


Addis Ababa September 18/2022 /ENA/ Legal experts said some international institutions and countries are violating international law and carrying out activities that are against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

The legal experts told ENA that some international institutions and countries are making relations with the terrorist TPLF group bypassing the federal government in violation of international law and acting against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.  

The experts stressed the need  to give priority to the protection of the national  sovereignty of the country in the efforts that would be carried out with a view to peacefully resolve the conflict in northern Ethiopia.  

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF, with the support of Ethiopia's historical enemies, attacked the North Command of the national defense force based in Tigray Region and carried out invasions on the Amhara and Afar regions and brutally massacred civilian population in an attempt to realizing its illusion of dismantling Ethiopia.

Currently, the terrorist group has opened a new war after the existential threat it created to Ethiopia was thwarted by the bravery of the national army in collaboration with all Ethiopians across the nation.

As TPLF group clearly stated in the leaked document entitled “Final Phase Strategy”, it said that it is working in partnership with other terrorists, including the Al-Shabaab, to destroy Ethiopia.

However, instead of condemning the continued terrorist acts of the group, some international institutions and Western countries are trying to put pressure on the government of Ethiopian.

Lawyer Kia Tsegaye said the terrorist TPLF group’s relations and exchange of information with international institutions is illegal and violates international law stating that global institutions have to talk and communicate with the federal government regarding any internal issue.

“It violates international law as the UN members are sovereign states and a region can’t be a UN member. Ethiopia is the founding and member country of the UN. Only the Ethiopian government can establish a relation. They can do various development and aid activities in the Tigray region, but the channel is only through the government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

He said that the fact that the terrorist group’s repeated opposition not to accept a peaceful alternative led by the African Union clearly indicates its erroneous attitude towards Africans.

The lawyer added, if the terrorist group is ready for peace, it should believe in Ethiopia's sovereignty and respect the constitution.

“I believe that there will be no compromise on the issue of Ethiopian sovereignty and the observance of the constitution. Ethiopian sovereignty, territorial unity, territorial integrity values ​​are not something to be compromised. This is why the constitution must be respected. It is an army, there cannot be two defense armies in one country and it has never existed before. So I believe and have confidence that the peace talks will resolve these issues.”

Lawyer and Legal advisor, Molalegn Melese said relations between countries should respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the respective countries.

According to him, it is clear that the inappropriate relationship of some institutions, Western and European countries, with the terrorist TPLF group is not due to a lack of understanding of the law, but to fulfill their personal goals.

In particular, the institutions' response and recognition to a group that names itself a government of Tigray is disrespect to the federal government, he emphasized.

He explained that the talks and relations between other international institutions, including the United Nations, with the terrorist group not only violates international law, but also challenges Ethiopia's sovereignty.

“UN, including its various agencies, and countries, cannot directly communicate with any regional state government that is a member of the federal government. Currently, there is no country or international organization that has the right to directly communicate with TPLF.  It means that all activities that do not respect the federal government, especially the sovereignty of the country, are in violation of the agreement on non-interference in the internal affairs of the country.”

It is important to understand that the government has repeatedly facilitated alternative conditions for peace in order to stop the suffering of the citizens, however, the terrorist group has abandoned the peace option.

The lawyer further stated that the terrorist TPLF had made it clear in its recently released document that the group was not interested in peace.

He said that the commitment and patience shown by the government towards the peace and security of the citizens is encouraging.

If the peace option is to be set as the group says, it must be understood that the respect of the constitution and the sovereignty of the country are non-negotiable.

Peace talk is done to reduce the costs of war, including the death and displacement of Ethiopians and destruction of properties. So for peace talks to happen, the basic things that are not up for negotiation are the constitutional rights of  the country, the interests of the citizens, the sovereignty, security and the unity of the country, lawyer and legal advisor Molalegn elaborated.

Ethiopian News Agency