American Univ. Senior Fellow Calls for High-Quality Info Analysis, Criticizes Dishonest Actors


Addis Ababa September 13/2022/ENA/ Senior Fellow Matthew Ehret has called on Ethiopia and African countries to produce high-quality analysis to fight back the information warfare backed by intelligence institutions, and criticized dishonest actors in the West and the United Nations for supporting the TPLF.

The American University in Moscow Senior Fellow said that one of the things that is lacking and which China is beginning to get better at — and where Ethiopia and many other African countries can learn better, is information warfare in the sense of being able to produce high-quality analysis by exposing what this parasite is taking over control of many western governments so that fellow Africans can be educated about the nature of the history and the nature of the beast that is really supporting dubious operations.

According to him, certain overseas intelligence institutions and the command and control fusion centers based in Africa have been carrying out a lot of the information warfare to destroy Syria, which they are also doing to do same in Ethiopia.

He also indicated that there is no desire by some forces within the West to allow for peace to happen in other countries because peace is incompatible with their self-interest of exploiting resources.

Explaining why some actors in the West are putting much pressure on Ethiopia rather than on terrorist TPLF, Ehret said “the motive is to render Ethiopia ungovernable, to make Ethiopia incapable of carrying out the duties and goals that it has set for itself as well as for the broader of the Horn of Africa and Africa as a continent more broadly.”

The scholar further elaborated saying, “Since Ethiopia does represent (Africa), and I think is currently one of the strongest nations all over Africa as far as having sovereign capacity to carry out economic development through major projects, it is asserting as an example for other countries to have the ability to do as well as a robust foreign policy orientation towards creating alliances that are very positive with Gulf states, other countries in Africa, and China; and also that any country could do to strengthen itself and gain more capacity to end hunger and war and end the sorts of problems that living under empires has created for all of us, especially those in the global South.”

And so, “this example has to be destroyed and one of the ways or tools is the use of terror operations, terrorist units which we have seen across the Middle East, Africa. And Ethiopia certainly has been targeted for similar operations.”

The Senior Fellow added that the idea is to divide and conquer, to have a nation at war with itself and a civil war with separatist groups, ethno-nationalist divisions of a nation into tiny little segments.

Ehret further stated that global forces are pushing other countries who obviously want destabilization and disintegration of Ethiopia. “There is a broader global force whose motive is destroying nation-states like Ethiopia.”

As regards the TPLF, the scholar observed that there is no unified voice in the international community at present, especially in the West.

There are voices of sanity from people like the WFP Chief and the UN Under-Secretary who came out condemning the acts of TPLF.

However, when these UN top officials condemned the TPLF for stealing 570,000 liters of fuel and demanded its return, other officials in parallel attacked them.

Ehret criticized leading UN figures for ignoring TPLF atrocities and abuses, failure to maintain the principles the UN is established for.

“There is a consistent effort by leading figures in the United Nations to ignore the obvious use of child soldiers and the abuses that have been committed by the TPLF even during the ceasefire period, and before that the abduction of various UN officials who were operating within Tigray region.”

According to him, the abuses of own UN officials were ignored by the upper management  because they want to keep the wrong narrative that the TPLF is somehow honest rebels fighting for a just cause.

The scholar revealed that the international community is currently divided for different reasons, and forces that control most of the West are very dishonest about Ethiopia.

“There is a clear intention to support or give respectability to the TPLF and treat them as if they are an equal partner in discussions with the officials of the democratically elected Government of Ethiopia. That is very dishonest.”

He noted that this has been a narrative which is not tenable and is being broken.

Ehret went on pointing out that some actors in the West that are in dominant position right now use their political pressure to ignore the reality and the African Union effort.

“So, they do not care much even if you have the majority of the UN saying a truth that needs to be said. If that happens, they would still use their political pressure to ignore the reality and the proof of what is on the ground, what the TPLF has done as far as atrocities, stealing fuel and other things. They would ignore the AU as they have (done) repeatedly.”

The new forces dominating the world stage no longer see the idea of the world of cooperating nation-states as compatible with their idea of what the world order should be, the scholar said, adding that rather they see the world as being something which should be subdued under a dominance of uni-polar hegemony and that means that these nations must be kept exploited, underdeveloped, and at war with themselves.

Ethiopian News Agency