TPLF Moves to Meet Ambition through Military Means Doomed to Failure: Ambassadors


Addis Ababa September 12/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia's ambassadors to France and Pakistan underscored that the terrorist TPLF will never succeed in its ill-intended ambition through military means.

The ambassadors told ENA that TPLF leaders and the political elites that stand for military options are doomed to failure as there is no enabling environment to their non-evolving and destructive ideology they seek to preserve in the Ethiopian body politic.

The ongoing conflict was not Ethiopia’s choice but imposed by the TPLF which has been striving to either destroy the country or come back to power forcefully despite the rejection of its rule by the people of Ethiopia.

The ambassadors called on the international community and those who have the means to put pressure on the belligerent TPLF leadership to stop its efforts to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF launched offensive that triggered another round of devastating war on various fronts on 24th August 2022 by violating the indefinite humanitarian truce declared by the federal government.

According to the ambassadors, the heroic allied forces of Ethiopia have been taking effective counteroffensive and responding not only to TPLF provocations but also to its Trojan horses.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to France, Henok Tefera said that the government has made repeated appeals for peace to which the TPLF reciprocated by attacking Afar and Amhara regions.

The “TPLF is actively engaged in undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. TPLF does not want Ethiopia to move forward in terms of political as well as  economic liberalization that enable Ethiopia to grow and become a prosperous country,” he noted.

According to him, the government’s humanitarian truce and all chances of peace were rebuffed by the TPLF leadership. 

As a result, the people of Amhara, Tigray, and Afar have been suffering a lot from TPLF’s aggression in the “ very unfortunate” war, Ambassador Henok stated.

The problem with TPLF is that it always seeks to resolve political problems through military means.

“I think the fundamental problem is that the TPLF thinks that it can resolve a political problem, a political misunderstanding, and critical differences through military means. That is what triggered the conflict in November 2020 and now. Inherently, I think the TPLF believes that it can impose its will through military means.”

Essentially, the TPLF group has proved its terroristic ambitions over and over again by attacking bordering regions and trying to spread chaos in other parts of Ethiopia, he elaborated.

However, Ambassador Henok downplayed TPLF’s recent move saying “I don't think (the group) will achieve its goal as long as there are Ethiopians who stand up to defend their country.”

In this regard, he pointed out that the Ethiopian allied forces are defending the country from the dark forces that are seeking to destroy the country. The “ultimate sacrifice, as we speak, is being paid by our brave men and women; giving their lives to defend Ethiopia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The ambassador also demanded the international community to pressurize the TPLF leadership, which is employing victimhood narrative through media institutions and lobbyists from Europe and North America.

During its 27 years rule, the TPLF was organized not only militarily but also diplomatically and through its various networks across Europe and North America.  

So, when it launched the first attack in November 2020 and waged another war at present,  TPLF uses all of these networks that had been created and established throughout the world with the resources of the Ethiopian people, the ambassador noted.

Ambassador Henok recalled that Ethiopia has faced such odds before and was repeatedly attacked by the international media; but it thwarted all threats by uniting and galvanizing public support.

“At some point, we stood alone on the international stage to defend ourselves, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Today, we are not alone. We have a huge diaspora community, more resources, Africans and those who wish our good to want to see Ethiopia as an important historical country and also as a leader of the African continent.”

He added that Ethiopia will win. “There is no doubt and there should not be any doubt in anybody’s mind that Ethiopia as always will prevail.”

Efforts are therefor being redoubled to continue advocacy to mobilize the diaspora and  many community organizations to lobby governments, parliaments, media houses and think tanks in Europe and North America, it was learned.  

Ethiopia's Ambassador to Pakistan, Jemal Beker said on his part that since the war has been inflicted on Ethiopia, the government is discharging its responsibility to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country by taking counteroffensive against TPLF.

“We are responding not only to TPLF provocations, but also against its Trojan horses. Ethiopia’s gallant forces are redefining the resilient and persistence of the nation. Our heroic allied military force will ensure the victory of the county as we have ample experience to manage such challenges.”   

Although Ethiopia set a roadmap for negotiated political solution during the humanitarian truce it declared unilaterally, the terrorist TPLF used the truce to buy time and inculcate hatred among Tigrayans to mobilize fighters, including child soldiers. the ambassador revealed.

It subsequently launched a full-fledged war by sending influx of human waves in the Amhara and Afar regions.

Thus diplomatic activities are being reinforced to explain the reality to Pakistan and the international community, he stated.

Ambassador Jemal further called on the international community to be fair and balanced on the unfolding issues.

“The international community has to stop equating the terrorist TPLF with the Government of Ethiopia. They need to call a spade a spade. ... They need to go out and say the right things and pressurize TPLF to come to the negotiating table.”

He stressed that they need to understand the government’s commitment to peace.

Ethiopian News Agency