Ethiopians Celebrating first Day of Ethiopian New Year 2015

Addis Ababa September 11/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopians are celebrating the first day of the Ethiopian New Year 2015 today.

Ethiopians do not celebrate their New Year on January 1 like many part of the world. The Ethiopian New Year falls on September 11 or 12 during a leap year.

The country has its own unique calendar in the world with 13 months. Each of the 12 months has 30 days. The 13th month, Pagumen, has 5 days or 6 during each leap year.  

Ethiopian families celebrate the first day that heralds the Ethiopian New Year together attending traditional events.

For Ethiopians who celebrate the first day of the essentially indoor Ethiopian New Year mostly wearing traditional attire, slaughtering animals, preparing traditional drinks and foods, accompanied with songs and dances, and a lot more events is considered as a special moment of renewal.

The national dish doro wot (chicken stew), is among the common dishes served with Enjera (a flatbread) along with local alcoholic drinks on a large platter so that everyone can dine together.

There is no better time than the holidays such as this one for people who would like to relish Ethiopian coffee in all its glory. 

Ethiopian President Sahle Work Zewde and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, among others, expressed their best wishes for the Ethiopians celebrating New Year in the country and abroad.

Ethiopian News Agency