PM Abiy Ahmed Extends New Year Best Wishes to All Ethiopians

Addis Ababa September 10/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended best wishes to all Ethiopians on the New Year that will be celebrated on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

In his best wish message,  the PM said the concluded Ethiopia year has been a year that the nation was tested as enemies have intensified attacks in coordination; others deployed an army to massacre innocent people in the country, and launched fake information campaign through forums and media outlets that can exert international pressures.  

Conversely, Abiy noted that the previous year was also a year in which several successes were registered in the country that would help the nation to enhance its future hopes.

During the year, the nation has demonstrated its capabilities of defending enemies that carried out organized attacks against the country; he said adding that the country has also courageously decided to find ways to overcome the recurrent sanctions imposed on the nation.  

The year has also been a year that glimmered hope in ensuring the food self-sufficiency efforts of the country, the Prime Minister stated.   

Celebrating a new year makes sense only if we are able to move through time, the premier said noting that the country needs citizens who are capable of defeating time and innovative that can transform its history of hunger with prosperity, war with lasting peace; the history of division with common national unity; its history of backwardness with modernity.

Ethiopia needs citizens that can bring new solutions and strategies to existing problems, the PM pointed out.   

“Ethiopia wants someone to write a new history to make the New Year truly new,” he underlined.

“Changing times is inevitable. Changing the era itself is the work of heroes,” he said, adding Green Legacy, summer wheat cultivation, the beginning of exploiting the tourism resources in our own capacity, the efforts to address national problems through dialogue, endeavors being exerted to ensure self-sufficiency in domestic revenues with a view to become free from external influences, are some of the successes registered over the past year.  

“But these are indications not final goals, he said pointing out that there are several issues to be addressed in the future including the need to create a strong public service delivery free from theft, effective justice system, reduce cost of living, increase productivity of manufacturing and agriculture sectors as well as enhancing national unity, avoiding conflicts, boosting foreign relations, establishing good governance, strengthening democracy, by making good use of the blessings we have.”

Finally, Prime Minister Abiy wished a successful new year to all Ethiopians urging the people to make the new era newer by intensifying their efforts to bring changes in all aspects of the nation.  

Ethiopian News Agency