Ethiopians Should Uphold Unity in the Ethiopian New Year: Mexico, Ireland Ambassadors


Addis Ababa September 8/2022/ENA/ This is high time that Ethiopians focused on strengthening unity more than any other time, ambassadors said.

Ethiopia, which has been an emblem of peaceful coexistence and unity for centuries, has officially declared September 7, 2022 a unity day.

The ambassadors of Mexico and Ireland who talked to ENA have expressed New Year best wishes for the Ethiopian people and emphasized the importance of solidifying unity.

Mexico's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Victor M. Trevino wished the Ethiopian people to have a happy, healthy, and peaceful Ethiopian New Year.

The Ethiopian New Year will be celebrated on September 11, 2022 this year.

Ethiopians need to strengthen their unity and solidarity at this very moment, besides joyfully celebrating the New Year, the ambassador said.

Mexico, like Ethiopia, is a diverse country with 68 nationalities “but first everybody feels Mexican in my country, and after that they are proud to be from the north or the south,” Ambassador Trevino stated.

“Something I want to share with you (Ethiopians) is unity... It is important where you are from in Ethiopia, but you should put your country first. Ethiopian first and you have to be proud to be from different regions, of course; that happened in Mexico.”

Ambassador Trevino noted that Mexico is also diverse. “You have 86 nationalities and we have 68. But first in my country everybody feels Mexican, after that they are proud to be from the north or the south.”

He further stressed that “it is important that my fellow and dear friends of Ethiopia consider first Ethiopia the country and after that you are going to be proud. But please work and think your country first because the unity is very important at this moment.”

Ireland's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nicola Brennan wished for the people of Ethiopia peace, unity and the opportunity to celebrate what brings all together.

“There is a very good saying that there is a lot more that unites us than that divide us; and this is the time to reflect on that which unites us, what brings us together.”

Ambassador Brennan pointed out that “for your wonderful country Ethiopia, I really wish peace, stability and unity; and for your government and country to be able to resolve the differences  and come out a stronger country.”

According to her, Ethiopia has a fantastic population and lots of opportunity. “I hope that a peaceful and stable Ethiopia can build on that in the years to come.”

Ethiopian News Agency