Equating Gov't with TPLF Absolutely Wrong for International Community: Amb


Addis Ababa September 8/2022/ENA/ It is absolutely wrong for the international community to treat the government and the TPLF at the same level, Ethiopia's Ambassador to China Teshome Toga said.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF has violated the spirit of the humanitarian truce through hostile rhetoric and recruiting child soldiers and launched attacks on the Amhara and Afar areas for another round of hostilities.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador stated that the TPLF has continued with its violence but shifts the blame on the government to mislead the international community.   

The terrorist group which re-ignited the war should, however, be asked to stop the war and to come to the round table, he stressed, adding that all sentiments and mind set that everything can be solved through power is outdated.

The ambassador noted that it is fair and timely for the international community to call a spade a spade and that TPLF is a terrorist group.

According to him, the approach that has been displayed by the international community so far has never been helpful.

“It is absolutely wrong for the international community to treat the government and TPLF at the same level and to also make the same call to a party that has re-ignited war in the first place, re-launched attack, and expanded the war to neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar, and to the Government of Ethiopia which has been calling for the peaceful settlement of this problem."

Ambassador Teshome believes that one of the mistakes of the international community is the inability to differentiate a party that is terrorizing civilians with a government that has a responsibility to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Categorizing all members of the international community in one basket is not, of course, appropriate, but there are some groups that do not understand the reality on the ground, he said.

The international community, especially those who wish peace and stability, progress and prosperity in Ethiopia, have a duty and responsibility to put pressure on TPLF to stop this war.   

“The first thing I think the international community should do is to condemn unequivocally the attack by TPLF. They have no reason to expand the war. By recruiting child soldiers, they are committing war crime. The international community knows this very well. So, this is absolutely wrong and we can understand that they do not want to call or designate the TPLF as terrorist group.”              

The ambassador pointed out that what TPLF is doing is to impose its will on the rest of Ethiopia by military means, and that makes it a terrorist organization.  

He emphasized that there is a chance for peace and dialogue. There is a chance for alternative solution to the problem than war. Those who have leverage and access need to put pressure on TPLF.

The international community should also continue to assist the people in need of humanitarian assistance and come out very clearly in condemning TPLF’s atrocities and expansion of the war by rejecting peace.

“If the international community tries to support the AU-led peace process and genuinely put pressure on TPLF, I believe the chance for peaceful settlement of the conflict is open.”      

The Ethiopian government is dedicated to achieving peace unlike the TPLF which continues to impose conditions and disparage the AU-led peace process.

Ethiopian News Agency