Ethiopia to Host First Pan African Conference On Artificial Intelligence


Addis Ababa September 8/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia will host the first Pan African Conference on Artificial intelligence (AI) from October 4-5, 2022 at the new Museum of Art and Science.

Head of States, Ministers and  officials of AI, researchers, policy makers among other are expected to participate in the conference.

The conference is organized by the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute in collaboration with HAWK University, Chapa Financial Technologies S.C and

The conference has identified six thematic areas as its primary focuses including public services, cyber-security, agriculture, public health, geographic information system and Trustworthy and Ethical.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is defined as the simulation of human intelligence to perform various tasks through a computer or machine-based system.

AI can speed up processes and decrease the chance of errors that would happen due to the imperfect nature of humans and human intelligence.

In a continent like Africa, the use of AI can aid in combating climate side effects, preventing diseases and in increasing productivity.

The beauty of artificial intelligence is the synergy it creates across different areas, for instance – if applied in agriculture, it can solve the risk of diseases caused through vegetation as well as hunger. If applied in public transport, it can aid the economy and create trade routes within the continent.

Ethiopian News Agency