Ethiopia, Djibouti Working To Clear Borders from Terrorists, Other Criminal Activities


Addis Ababa September 8/2022 /ENA/ Commissioner General of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission, Demelash G/Michael held discussion with the National Police Director General of Djibouti Colonel Abdorahman Ali in Addis Ababa today.

It will be recalled that the Ethiopian Federal Police and the National Police of Djibouti have previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly prevent and control cross-border crimes.

As part of the agreement, the police institutions of the two countries have established a joint security task force and evaluated the activities that have been carried out in the border areas and agreed to further strengthen the results achieved so far.

During their discussion, the two officials have mentioned about the intensive work being done by the two institutions to extradite criminals to the respective countries.  

The two countries have registered encouraging results in their actions against human trafficking and money laundering they said, stressing the need to reinforce the ongoing joint crime prevention activities.

Furthermore, the two countries are working together to clear the border area of the two countries from any terrorist and other criminal activities.

Ethiopian News Agency