TPLF Using Youth as Cannon Fodder to Satisfy its Lust for Power : Captives


Addis Ababa September 7/2022 /ENA/ Captives of the terrorist TPLF disclosed that the group has been using the youth in Tigray region as cannon fodder by mobilizing them through false narratives with a view to prolonging its survival.

Speaking to ENA, the captives at Debark front said that the terrorist TPLF has been massacring the youth in Tigray by forcefully pushing them in to a futile war through its false narratives.

The group is engaged in creating fear among the people of Tigray that “invasion and genocide is about to happen on Tigray.”

The captives have also  stated that the terrorist group is also forcefully recruiting children for war to use them as cannon fodder for the third time.

One of the captives, Semere Tsegaye said that he was forcefully recruited in October 2021 through  TPLF's "One Militant From One Family" strategy.

The captive also explained that the power-hungry TPLF preached the youth not to surrender in the war.

However, "after being captured, what happened to me is the opposite of what TPLF has been preaching,” he pointed out noting that the people of Amhara and members of the National Defense Force have been treating him well after he was captured.

Another captive, Berhe Yibeyn said for his part that the TPLF forced him out of his teaching profession to mobilize to the war front.

The group disseminates a false narratives that "genocide has been launched on the people of Tigray and all have to fight and save the people of Tigray," in order to get support of the people.

"My friend was wounded in the war in his left hand, who  advised me to commit suicide. I refused the idea and surrendered to the national army," Berhe said.

He has been receiving treatment and care since the day he was captured by the National Defense Force.

Desalegn Addis said that he was forced to enter to the war front while he was herding goats with his brother.

Desalegn stated that the terrorist group is using even the wheat, that was supposed to be distributed to the needy people in Tigray, for their personal gain.

He has called on the international community to put pressure on the terrorist group as it is exacerbating the suffering of the people of Tigray.

Ethiopian News Agency