Terrorist TPLF Employing Child Soldiers to Prolong Its Survival: Captives

Addis Ababa August 5/2022 /ENA/ The terrorist TPLF has recently opened a third-round of devastating war by using child soldiers and other ordinary population to sustaining its survival, captives exposed.

The captives, who surrendered in various fronts, said TPLF’s act of war by downplaying the peace option demonstrates the group’s intention of grabbing power on the shoulders of the people of Tigray and continue with its terror ambitions.

The terrorist TPLF is sacrificing the entire people of Tigray, including children by sending influx of human waves in to war that it has opened for the third time.

According to the captives, the terrorist TPLF is forcing even the children of Tigray to the front line for its futile ambitions. 

The terrorist TPLF has been annihilating the youth of Tigray by misleading them through its false narrations leaving the region without generation, they added.  

The captives said that this act confirms the real nature of the group as a bandit.

There will be no gains from war, but devastation, the captives said denouncing the aggression committed by TPLF for another round of devastation.

They have also urged the people of Tigray, the youth and Special Forces to pressurize the group to come to the path of peace.    

Ethiopian News Agency