Int'l Community Urged to Exert Pressure on Terrorist TPLF to Return to Peaceful Option


Addis Ababa September 4/2022/ENA/ Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council (EPPJC) has urged the international community to exert the necessary pressure on the terrorist TPLF forces to return to the peaceful option.

The joint council has also called on some countries to support the peaceful path by refraining from interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by supporting the terrorist group.  

The Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council, a coalition of some 53 political parties in the country,  issued a statement today calling for the halt of the rekindled war in the northern part of the country and resumption of the peaceful alternatives.

Chairman of the Joint Council Dr. Mebaratu Alemu, who read the statement noted Ethiopia, whose civilization and development has been held up due to the prolonged war, has not yet able to come out of the vicious cycle of war.

The 22 month long conflict in the northern part Ethiopia has caused huge human, economic, social and psychological damages, he added.

The chairman underscored that it was the firm desire of the people that this devastating war should end peacefully.  

He further pointed out that great hopes were emerging due to the government's decision to cease fire and the efforts commenced by the African Union to bring a peaceful resolution to the war, expressing its dismay over the eruption of the war by TPLF.

In its seven-point position statement, the council  has urged the terrorist TPLF forces, that  started the attack, to resume the peace option in accordance with the unilateral ceasefire measures taken by the government.

The theft of the more than half a million liters of fuel committed by TPLF from WFP is a disgraceful act that would exacerbate the problems of the people of Tigray as it was intended for humanitarian aid activities in the region, the council stated.   

The council urged the international diplomatic community to demonstrate its impartial solidarity with a view to commencing the peace talks and discussions as well as exert the necessary pressure on TPLF.

Ethiopian News Agency